Can I do this with these computers, and how difficult would it be?

I have 2 laptops sitting in front of me, both Compaqs.

Computer A is a Presario, 1200.

Computer B is an Armada 1530

Computer A runs decently, as does computer B. However, B has a cracked monitor, so that only half the screen works.

Can I switch the screens/lids between the two? (yes, I know, why do I want to do this when A works fine. It’s a long story, that I’d rather not go into at the moment)

If that’s not possible, is there a way to get the screen on computer B fixed?

Laptops almost never use any sort of standard parts, even between models from the same company, so you’re probably out of luck. It would probably be best to send Computer B back to Compaq and have them put a new screen on.

I doubt that your laptop is set up to accept an incoming VGA signal from another computer as video input, but regular desktop monitors are, so if you can score a cheap used 15" monitor, just use that and hook it up to your laptop’s VGA-out port.

I suppose if you have video-in on your laptop you could hook the VGA-out to a video converter (the kind you’d use to hook up a TV to it) and then hook that into the video-in port of the other computer, but that’s more expensive unless you happen to have all that hardware lying around (and your laptop may not even have video-in; not all laptops do).

      • Before you send it in though, ask them first if they repair the products themselves or if they just send you a refurbished model, and get confirmation -record names and dates, etc… If they don’t actually repair them, they may just copy all your files onto another identical model and return that. If you put any special hardware on yours, they may not switch it to the new one (“we are not responsible for non-standard components”) and you’re screwed out of whatever extra hardware you had on it. ~ A lot of consumer product repairs are handled like this nowadays; in some instances they will purposely remove any non-standard components as a matter of procedure, and not return the removed components. Always ask first. - MC