Can I get a Law and Order 10/29 recap?

I was falling asleep, so I missed the last 35 minutes or so. Last I saw, Brisco and Green were concentrating their investigation on the band member as the one who overloaded the flare.

You know, I don’t consistently watch this show, but I saw the one last night. I’m not sure if people will care about spoilers, but I’m thinking better safe than sorry, so:

Okay, you’re already at the point where, after questioning all and sundry, they’ve found out the following: The lead singer (LS) wants more fire. He asks the fire guy (FG), who says nope, can’t do it here. FG finishes setup and leaves (but FG has already said that pretty much everyone knew how to load the fire stuff.) Sound guy (SG) has told the police that LS then asked him to add to the flame, and SG said no. Then SG left, and LS is alone on the stage. The groupie who phone 911 (I think her name was Terry, but I’m going to call her “BG”, for band groupie) says that she was backstage before the show, and everyone was there except for LS. They know (from forensics) that one of the fire tubes was intentionally overloaded for more flames, and caused the whole fire. So the cops arrest LS.

Now it’s time for the ADA to come in. LS and his defense lawyer (DL) come in to talk, and refuse to plea bargain. DL puts in a motion for cameras to be allowed in the courtroom; ADA &c argue against it, citing state law; DL cites some precedents and first amendment issues, judge finally allows cameras in the courtroom.

Testimony happens, and is pretty much a recap of what the witnesses have already told police. Forensic person testifies about the fire starting from the flame thrower. FG knows that adding to the flames would be dangerous, and doesn’t want to take any chances. SG testifies that he was asked (which LS will deny when he goes on the stand later). All that DL can really get out of them is that no one actually saw LS (or anyone else) loading the flames up higher, there’s no physical evidence, that everyone knew how to load the flames more, and that everyone liked the old style with bigger flames.

Then BG testifies that, right before the concert started, she was actually in the tour bus with LS “screwing”, giving him an alibi, and horrifying her mother. ADA & cops are really taken aback by this change in the story, and call BG and mom in. BG says she didn’t want to say it in front of mom earlier, while mom says it isn’t true, and BG is just trying to horrify her.

Last, LS testifies that yes, he asked for more flames, got the answer “no”, accepted it, and left it. He agreed he was in the bus with BG. Case closes, jury goes to deliberate, and is spending a long time.

Judge calls ADA and DL into chambers – the jury wants a transcript of BG’s testimony. Both lawyers realize that BG’s credibility is key to the case. DL wants to use the video from the cameras instead of having the court records read; ADA objects; judge allows it.

ADA and cops review the video that the jury is getting to see. One of them (Briscoe? I don’t watch this quite enough to be confident of the names) pays attention to BG’s face. She isn’t looking down, as if ashamed; or at mom, as if trying to freak her out; she’s staring (they figure) at LS, so they deduce she’s a true fan trying to protect her idol.

They talk to BG and mom separately. BG doesn’t admit to lying, but is clearly acting as if she’s lying. Mom is sure she’s lying, and they wonder why she’s so sure. Then they bring LS (with DL), BG, and mom all into the same room to try to break BG’s story. (Jury is, apparently, still deliberating.) They threaten her with prosecution for perjury, as well as accomplice after the fact to the arson/murders. After much (figurative) fireworks, mom breaks first – LS is BG’s father, and gives her free tickets to all the shows. Then BG breaks – she heard LS’s request for more flames, wanted them to make a comeback, and – when he left – she overloaded the flamethrower. At the end of the show, they say that BG and her lawyer want to arrange a plea. Roll credits.

Geez, where did that huge black box come from?

Thanks…if I follow this correctly, BG claimed she had sex with her father, not knowing it was her dad?

Ick ick ick.

No, BG knew it was her dad, she was giving him an alibi. She knew her mom wouldn’t expose the facts, destroying the alibi, since it was too embarressing. No one wanted the family relationship to be public, but everyone in the family knew.

And the DAs figured out that the singer was her father before then went into the final negotiations. They knew the mom could clear her daughter just by saying that the LS was her dad, and everyone knew, so the alibi was clearly made up. But the mom wouldn’t say it because she was too embarressed by the whole situation.

Well, she claimed she’d had sex with the singer to provide an alibi for both of them before the prosecution discovered that he was her father. It seems like she thought they’d never find that little fact out, and figured the groupie story was the most believable one that would protect both her and her father.


So, she was just trying to help and didn’t mean to kill anyone?

Telemark and Lamia have nailed it. Watching it at the time, it seemed pretty obvious that she lied to give her father an alibi - after realizing he was a suspect, which she didn’t at first (which is why she didn’t lie right away).

On reflection, at the end, it seems just as likely that she was lying to giver herself an alibi. Which also explains something I didn’t get the first time through - I didn’t know why LS was lying (why didn’t he just say, if he didn’t set the fire, that no, I was actually at ____). I assumed then, that he was guilty, and was accepting the alibi. On reflection, he must have realized she set it, and confirmed it to give her an alibi.

And ick x 100, I agree.

Well, that was her story. Backed up by how shaken she was, and the fact she called 911. She was still criminally stupid/careless, though. Even if what she said was true, she must have realized how marginal all of the fire throwers were (she’d seen them at every show), and how the fire guy thought it wasn’t safe to push them any further.

ohhh that was great ivylass! I too fell asleep with about 30 minutes to go!