Can I get rid of my cold any faster?

Any suggestions for getting rid of a cold faster?

It doesn’t have to be proven effective, I just hate being sick… so as long as it’s not harmful, or PROVEN to be ineffective.

Do medications treating the symptoms of colds prolong the colds stay in a person’s body? I thought that since cold symptoms are actually measures a body is taking to fight off the illness, retarding them might help the cold linger longer.

I’m drinking a lot, especially hot tea… is that helpful?

When does a cold STOP being contagious? I heard once you start showing symptoms, it’s actually too late for others to catch it.

Thanks for the help. I did search other posts to see if this was talked about before, but the search didn’t work.

Zinc lozenges and echinacea are both claimed to reduce the duration and severity of cold symptoms, although there’s no consensus on their effectiveness. There doesn’t yet appear to be any proof that they are completely ineffective, if that helps.

I heard eating helps… but I doubt that’s true.

Sweat your cold off-it works. I’ve heard this from several people and have tried it myself. It might not make the cold go away but it will give you a sort of remission from the symptoms. One guy I talked to told me whenever he gets a cold he goes out and chops wood and it helps. And a the lady I work for said that she used to work with an old guy who always wore a sweatshirt, no matter what the weather was like. He said that he never got a cold because of that.

If you got access to strong anti-virial medication and don’t mind the side-effects (that are much worse than a cold) you could try it.

The best why to avoid it is to exercise and eat well.

Bit of a hijack, but I worked in a sewage treatment plant for a summer a few years back and now I hardly ever get colds or flu. Obiviously YMMV.

Zinc always seems to work for me, provided that it’s taken as soon as you start getting a cold. Colds don’t seem to last as long or be as bad, although I could very well be experiencing the placebo effect.

I recall reading something on ‘home remedies’ that scientists were looking into to see if they had any validity. One thing I remember from that article (it’s been over a decade now so I don’t have a cite) was that chicken soup was actually good for getting rid of colds. Maybe ‘getting rid of’ are a bad choice of words but the scientists said that chicken soup had various amino acids and other nutritional benefits that were particularly useful in giving your body the strength it needs to fight off infection. I’m sure you could find other foods that would suffice as well but chicken soup is easy to keep down and easy to make. It’s not a cure by any means but it might help.

Eating does help?

With proper treatment, you can get rid of a cold in seven days. Without proper treatment, it can hang on for a week.

WillGolfForFood you took the words out of my mouth :slight_smile:

Get drunk.

I’m serious. Many cough syrups contain quite a lot of alcohol. Alcohol is a solvent and one thing that might speed up your recovery is making the phlegm in your nose/throat more liquid - in effect, when you cough or blow your nose, you ghet rid of more and thus replace it with fresher liquids.

All this is a bit TMI, but one things for sure, having a bottle of claret before you go to sleep, will make for more fun, while being sick, and you’ll sleep soundly through the night, which is also good.


The trad remedy in Ireland is hot whiskey (whiskey, sugar/honey, lemon and cloves). It certainly alleviates the symptoms, especially after a few. Of course after enough of them you wake up with a cold and a hangover, but they’re comforting at the time.

Only one sure way to help a cold…
Make chicken foot soup!

Well, sort of.
5 lbs. chicken bones (cut up a buncha chickens and take out the bones. Be sure to include the backs and necks.)
2 lbs. skinned chicken feet

Wash these quite well and place them in a big stockpot. Squirt the juice of 3 lemons over 'em (to help release the gelatin.) Cover them with cold water. Let boil 1 minute, then simmer. Skim off as much foam as you can. When you are sure you have defoamed it as much as you can, add:

2 lb. coarsely chopped onion, carrot, and celery
1/2 sliced red seeded fresh Jalapeno pepper (trust me)
1 clove garlic, sliced thinly
a cheesecloth bag sachet containing 1/2 tsp. cracked black pepper, 2 bay leaves, 4 sprigs fresh parsely, and 1/2 tsp. fresh thyme.

Simmer 3-5 hours. Strain broth from icky stiff, cool broth rapidly in sink filled with ice water. Stir broth with frozen water bottle to further cool it. When broth is lukewarm, cover stockpot and let broth sit in fridge overnight. Skim fat off broth in morning. Reheat broth. Enjoy.

Oh! I forgot part 2…

Cook some skinless, boneless chicken breasts. Cut them into cubes, and drop them into the broth. Carrots and celery, cut into 1/8 inch thick slices, should be boiled in a small amount of water before putting addition. And lastly but not leastly, add some “wagon wheel” noodles. and a few more cups of water. Yay! Chicken noodle soup!

I’ve read somewhere that if you do nothing you will get well in two weeks’ time. If you medicate it will take a fortnight. :wink:

Now, we can cut down the severity & length of a cold by a bit. Zinc & Echinichea have already been mentioned by QED, and they are good. Some Vitamin C (not megadoses) wil also help. However, we are talking about a 20% or so reduction in length & severity, not a cure.

Unless I’m really stupid, I thought 7 days WAS a week. Is a week in USA different to a week in the UK?

We do not recognize the metric week.

I have used prayer and listening and trusting my instinct and have gotten rid of colds fairly fast, one time comes to mind was about 15 minutes. The methods vary so the common element is asking, listening, being guided and trusting.

The method is pretty simple, believe there is something that can cure you available to you and it is possible for you to find out what that is. Ask for you to be guided to it, try to settle down and then just do what comes naturally, what you feel and where you go, try to block out the rest of the world’s distraction. Trust you are on the right path.

Healing can come from many sources, some medicine, some plants, some alternative medicines, sometimes actions or decisions in your life, sometimes through other people - there are many such sources. If you are lead to a plant or some alternative medicine I would do a quick research on it before you take it, 1 to find out if it’s safe, 2 to find out how to take it and 3 for confirmation that it has been used in this context before.

And also report back your findings, get well soon :slight_smile:

Actually, if the OP’s illness has persisted for 9 years maybe prayer would be a good idea.:smiley: