Can I get some REAL instructions for my i-Pod?

Got my first iPod. 160GB Classic.
The instructions are cartoons. I haven’t plugged it in yet.
They guy at the store said it would automatically sync-up to my iTunes and load the music.
The problem is that I have over 91,000 songs in My Music. About 438GB.
Can I choose what I want to put on it, or is it going to sync-up and only get songs from artists A-K, before it implodes?

You can choose what you want to put on it. I create a variety of playlists and sync those to mine.

Just out of curiousity, does iTunes calculate how long that is, back-to-back? 91,000 songs, at 3:30 each, is 221 days worth of music (longer if you take breaks, like to sleep).

Yes. It will tell you in days (I have 12.9) and hours (12:23:19:08) and gigs (21.86).

Mine says:
91188 Items 249.5 Days 438.23GB

You can set the options so that it does not sync automatically and instead will let you manually add songs to your iPod. That’s what I do and it works great.

So you build your playlists, you turn auto-sync off, then you just drag and drop playlists? I’m about to have to start doing this myself, as my playlist is getting too big for my iPod.

Yes, you can do precisely that. That’s how I put music onto my iPhone.

Then you can turn auto-sync back on, after the playlists are built. That way you can modify/add tunes and such, and the iPod gets the new info when you charge it.

No need to turn auto-sync back on. You can manually add individual tunes to any playlist you have on your iPod. You can even change their order within a playlist. I keep mine on manual all the time.

You can do all those things without ever manually managing the music. Just create a new playlist or modify an existing one.

I always recommend against syncing. Once you add a song from another computer, syncing starts screwing you over.

I suppose. I add all my music to my library so that isn’t an issue with me I guess. I find the playcounts indispensable for creating smart playlists. Syncing is mandatory if you want to do anything like that.