iPod/iTunes question

I know you can’t copy songs from the Pod to the Tunes, but I thought you could copy playlists. I collected a bunch of songs into my “on the go” list, to use later for a mix disc. But I can’t figure out how to copy the list over to iTunes; I’ll have to search them out one at a time. Anyone have any pointers? Thanks.

Apple says the next time you sync, the playlist is saved in iTunes automatically. I believe they just appear in your normal list of playlists, but I can’t offhand remember what they’re named (untitled? On-The-Go1, 2, etc.?).

They should copy over automatically when you sync. I can’t check now, but perhaps there is an option under sync that is unchecked and says something like “Sync playlists.”

You can also definitely copy music from the ipod to your computer, unless perhaps it is DRM music. You need to turn on disk mode to see it as a drive on your computer. Two caveats: you will now need to always eject the ipod before unplugging it or risk corruption. Also if you have it sort your music automatically then the filenames will be nonsensical on the ipod in explorer, but id3 will be intact.

Hmm. I don’t sync; I’ve got 60 gigs on iTunes and 30 in iPod. I do it manually.

Synching definitely puts the playlist into iTunes. They get named on-the-go-1, on-the-go-2 etc.
If you wanted to do this regularly, I would recommend setting up a playlist “songs for my iPod” and manage your iPod by adding and removing songs from this playlist. Then set that playlist to (automatically or manually) synch. <Hijack> I have the same big library small ipod problem. I set up smart playlists to roll a random selection onto my iPod when it synchs and it’s smart enough to automatically add new purchases,. etc </Hijack>
I realize that’s likely more work then looking up the songs for your mix tape (sorry)