Can I get suggestions for an alternative to Outlook Xpress??

…make that a FREE alternative to Outlook Express.

Eudora, baby.

Eudora. It’s free, easy to use, and kicks six kinds of shite out of Outlook.

Well, Scarlett67, if you ever need a soulmate you know where to find me.

Thanks… I installed ‘Pegasus’ (Open Source) for now. I will probably end up using Eudora though.

Thanks folks!

I used Pegasus for a while. As I remember it, the attachment handling was beyond idiotic. There were also a few other reasons for me to switch, but I don’t recall them all now.

Eudora’s good. I use Netscape 7.1 (and remove by hand all the AOL crap it installs automatically). I like Netscape Mail (but I HATE the browser), but Eudora’s good too.

Oh, and an alternative to Netscape Mail (basically the same but open source and no AOL crap) is Mozilla Thunderbird. I’m thinking of switching to Thunderbird in the near future.

I use Mozilla. Sweet, sweet Mozilla. I never even see spam anymore. It just goes to my junk folder and every now and then I make sure something important hasn’t fallen in there.

Yahoo email is free & you can use it to get your mail from other non-yahoo accounts.

      • Yes, , , , , , -but is Yahoo reading your emails?

Another for Eudora. It’s teh roxorz. :smiley:

What can you do in Eudora you can’t do with, say, Microsoft Outlook?

Easily avoid having every script kiddy worm that comes along search through your emails and address books, harassing your coworkers, friends, and family with “FROM: Microsoft SUBJECT: URGENTE, Install the lastest patch from us, easily installed with this Anna Kournikova ScrEean SaVer!!!”

Unless you’re running your own POP/IMAP mail server with a direct connection to the internet (which very few people do) I’d say the chances that Yahoo! is reading your mail is no worse than those of your ISP reading your mail when you use their POP/IMAP servers.

I have used Outlook for 4 years and counting… not a problem so far. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I use Thunderbird.

I’ve recommended it to folks who have trouble with spam-- it’s got native spam filtering that works pretty damned good, by all accounts.

Some people have complained that it’s hard to get email with a lot of plug-in dependant imbedded content to display properly. (Talking powerpoint presentations, mainly.) Also some complaints that imbedded midi doesn’t play in some versions. I’ve never felt that these sorts of things add anything of value to correspondence, so that’s a transparent flaw for me.

What I like most about it is its commonsensical approach to security. It’s like having a belt after getting used to having your pants around your ankles.

Download Thunderbird, dammit.

I haven’t looked at Eudora for the last few versions, although I agree that it beats the stink offa Outlook… …I just wanted to add as an aside that its name has the coolest provenance of any workaday software going:

*Why I Live at the P.O.*, by Eudora Welty.

I strongly agree with Larry Mudd’s suggestion of Thunderbird. It’s free-as-in-speech, too!

Based on the suggestions here, I downloaded Eudora and tried the free version.

I was promptly greeted with:

“You covered our advertising! So now you get the annoying popup because we have to make money. So, buy the product or uncover the advertising and we’ll leave you alone.”

I’ve uninstalled Eudora.

Die the people recommending Eudora buy it? Or are you just dealing with the popups/keeping the add uncovered?