Can I get suggestions for an alternative to Outlook Xpress??

Eudora is distributed with 3 options – pay for it, deal with the ads, or use it in “light” mode, which has some of the options disabled, but is free from advertising. Light mode is about equivalent to Outlook Express as far as basic functionality is concerned, last time I checked.

I’m using free Eudora, and the only ads I get are on a small panel beneath the list of mailboxes that I can easily ignore. I don’t get any popups. Are you talking about a single ad that you got the very first time you used it, or did it persist?

I don’t know, Geobabe. As soon as I saw that popup I tossed it. I hadn’t realized there was a Eudora light, so I never looked into it. The popup bugged me, particularly since I had no intention of keeping my e-mail client as my top window. The ads were on the bottom panel below the mail folders, though.

I’ll have to see what Eudora light offers. Either that or finally make the jump to linux I keep telling myself I’m going to do one of these days.

I use Eudora in “sponsored mode.” In exchange for the full functionality of the paid version, I put up with one small, non-flashing ad that changes every now and then. I don’t even notice it anymore.

Also, about once a week a box pops up that says something like “Hey! Why not go ahead and register your copy of Eudora?” in a light-hearted and joky way. I click “Maybe later” and it goes away.

I’ve been suing the successive versions of Eudora since the day sof Win3.1; I love it, and it would take some serious persuading to get me to switch to anything else.

“Using.” “Days of.”


I use sponsored mode as well. I even registered it (AFAIK, all that did was put “Registered to [Tamex]” on the opening screen.) I find the ad quite non-offensive…much, much less annoying than back when I used Juno.

Before they had sponsored mode, I used Eudora Light. If you only have one e-mail address, Eudora Light works fine. I like sponsored mode because I can check all my e-mail addresses at once.

How did you “cover” the ad? I have Eudora running right now behind my browser window, and it’s never given me any problems.

Pegasus is free and does just about anything you’ll ever need. In no way would I consider it inferior to a purchased application. So I can’t imagine why anyone would want to buy Eudora or suffer its popup ads.

I read the thread title and dashed in to recommend Incredimail but fontastic already beat me to it.

Incredimail is really really good and has a great interface and whacky smilies as well.

I am sure you will love it!

I am giving Mozilla Thunderbird awhirl. I need to figure the filters. Got them set up a bit… but need to play with it some more.

Manage 750,000 some odd emails dating back to 1991 in fourteen different mailboxes and do really powerful searches on everything you’ve got based on content date headers account (“personality”) size status etc, for one thing.

Set up filters based on character strings and expressions in body as well as subject, applying them differently depending on which account the email comes from, and using Eudora to fetch mail from dozens of different accounts and filter them using these customized filters, for another.

Oh, and simply copy out the various mailbox files to another folder or another computer (even another platform!) and open them in some other email program, or even a plain text editor, since Eudora uses industry standard text-based file format to store email, unlike Outlook, for yet another.


Do the people you send email to feel the same way? Email that’s full of silly graphics and fonts and ten times the size of anything else annoys me intensely.

Aye-- intellimail-originating e-mails tend to get pegged as spam about 90% of the time, owing to their use of web-bug image tags, general overuse of html, and the

link that it spoojes onto outgoing messages. Ick.

Yeah, unless they are entered as specific “keep this stuff” exceptions, any email containing html formatting rather than plain text goes straight to the trash.

No offense but Futile Gesture I do feel that adding a couple of smilies to your mails when required is not that harmful and I am pretty sure that they wont be increasing the size of the mails drastically.

Larry Mudd I have been using Incredimail for about an year now and I dont think any of my emails have been pegged as spam.

A friend of mine uses Eurdora for Mac, and his attachments seem to drop into a box when they arrive, without notifying him that there’s an attachment. Is this normal?

Why would you get a separate notice of an attachment as opposed to the notice that you’ve received mail?

When you open the email message, you can clearly see the attachment as an icon at the bottom of the email (or inlined within the email, depending on how it was attached and what kind of file it is).

My friend was trying to set-up an Eudora account and he could not import from programs other than the standard windows-based e-mail programs such as Outlook, Netscape etc.

His original e-mail account was on an unix mail server (where he used “pine”) and he wanted a windows-based client.

Was he missing something?

Pegasus bites big time.
Does anyone use Eudora Worldmail on their network?

Don’t “import”. Simply put the files in the same folder as Eudora’s “In” and “Out” mailboxes and (since you’re on a PC) add/change the appropriate extension (".mbx"). Eudora should see them, index them, and make them available to you under the Mailbox window.

If Eudora reports bad things about the file or the “new” mailbox appears to be empty of mail or occupied by a single email 38 miles long – exit Eudora, change the “.mbx” extension to “.txt” and open the files in a plain text editor and swap out the return characters. I believe, IIRC, that Unix uses Line Feed and Windows uses Carriage Return PLUS Line Feed. (And to complete the mess, Macs use Carriage Return only, but that’s not relevant right now). After you’ve done a Change All, do a Save As under a slightly different name and try Eudora again.

In a plain text editor, the demarcator between one email message and the next should look something like this:

(the question marks are literals, I didn’t swap out a real email address to protect someone’s privacy, that’s really how it appears)

If that doesn’t work, open the Pine email file in a plain text editor and paste a couple emails’ worth in here and I’ll tell you what’s throwing it off. At any rate, it’s just a matter of text formatting / editing. I’ve even brought in AOL email. Getting it OUT of AOL’s “personal filing cabinet” was a bitch but once I had it in plain text format, inserting/modifying header information to make it Eudora-standard was just a quick operation.