Does a good IMAP client exist?

This should maybe be in IMHO, but it seems like there should be a factual answer, not just people’s opinions.

My email at school is IMAP, and I’m not at all happy with the way Outlook has been working. It’s incredibly slow, and will often hang while trying to check mail. Last week, when the mail server was down for a while, it decided that the pertinent thing to do would be to crash Windows on me (I know, serves me right :rolleyes:).

I’ve tried Eudora and found it wanting in the past. I just don’t like the interface.

So my question is: Is there a simple and efficient IMAP client out there for Windows XP? It seems like there ought to be, but I’m not sure where to look. Ideally, it would be free, but if it’s $10 or so, I can pony up the cash for it to work.

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The interface on newer versions of Eudora aren’t so bad. Though I read my email on a Mac to avoid having to use Outlook, so I guess the interfaces might not be the same.

Can’t you use the email facility in Netscape? I’m sure that it supports POP and IMAP and has all the basic email functions.
All the best - I had a lot of email problems this last year, and it was very frustrating and horribly isolating.

To the factual question “Do IMAP Clients other than Eudora or OE exist?” The answer is yes.

Couple of places you can look:

Tucows Shareware Listing

Personally I’m fine with Outlook, so I’ve never had a need to try any of these.

Here is the usual disclaimer about scanning downloads for virii if you don’t know the source.

We use Netscape here to get mail from our IMAP campus network. I have no complaints whatsoever.