Can I get video damaged DVD+R recovered, anywhere?

I’ve got a stupid question.

I had a DVD+R disc in my player/recorder today, when the plug ended up getting pulled out. After replugging it, the player no longer recognizes this particular disc. Others work fine, so I’m guessing it just corrupted or accidentally overwritten, or something.

Anyway, my question is…is there any place I could send the disc to see if any data can be recovered from it, without costing obscene amounts of money? There’s nothing really super-important on it—just, like, a couple of documentaries—but it’d be nice to be able to get them back.

So, is there any hope, or should I just get used to having a new coaster?

Before you do anything, try the disc in another drive.

When my first DVD drive failed, it couldn’t read some discs, but would read others normally. Tryed an unrecognisable disc in my sister’s drive - it had no problesm reading it, nor did my new drive.

The stuff on the DVD are just data files. Why not use your PC to try copying the files or the whole disc to another disc, then see if the new disc will work? It’s worth a try.

Tried it—My computer’s drive wouldn’t recognize the disk (but it NEVER recognizes DVD+Rs) and spat it back out.

I haven’t tried it in another TV DVD player, yet, though. If it works on there, I might be able to re-dub it onto another DVD+R…or a VHS, THEN onto a DVD. I’ll see what I can do.

Were you writing the disk at the time? If so, it might be beyond help. But if you were reading from it or it was just sitting there, I can’t imagine that anything could have happened to corrupt the data.

It wasn’t writing the disk, but when I plugged it back in, it tried to “prepare” the disc. like it would for a blank being put in for the first time. 'Had to unplug and replug it again to get it to stop, and to eject the disc.

So, I’ve got a chilling feeling that the disc ended up getting at least partially re-formatted. :frowning:

I’d take the thing to a friends place and see if it works in their player. Unless the disc was a RW, I can’t imagine it being overwritten. It may be that you messed your player/recorder up doing that.