Can I hatch an egg?

I noticed a nest had fallen on the ground this morning and there was a little speckled egg inside. The tree’s branches were way too high for me to reach, so I brought it inside. Normally, I would just forget about it, but I have in my possession some strong lights meant to grow plants and the lingering memory of a science fair project wherein a pair of girls hatched chicken eggs. I held the egg to the light, and there’s definitely a little pink speck in the fluid. Can I do the same, or will I just cook the poor thing?

My grandmother found a wren’s egg. Placed it in a small wad of cotton, made a tiny “cage” out of a piece of chicken wire, placed the egg,cotton, cage, between her, er, ample bosoms. Hadda turn it and so forth every so often. It hatched OK. Wren never left her side. She spent a lot of time at the library figuring out what to feed it when it hatched, and she had her hands full for a while, but she did OK. Was a cool bird, too. Teeny.