Can I have a higher connection speed?

My family just bought a new computer. When I connect to the internet it tells me I have only connected at a speed of 33.6kb/s.
On the previous computer it would connect at 46kb/s.
What could of changed to give such a decrease? Can I change any settings to make it connect/go faster?

I assume you have dial up with a “56k” modem, not an old 33.6 (sometimes referred to as 28.8) modem. You will get a different speed each time you dial up depending on the capability the modem detects during the “handshaking” process. To determine if you are really operating at a slower connection speed, you would have to monitor actual throughput, not the “connection speed”. In practice, the connection will usually operate at a slower speed than it connects at. It could be your new modem isn’t as good as your old modem. It could be it’s just more rigorous in checking the connection capability and doesn’t think it’s good enough to get over 33.6 into the more advanced mode required to go higher up to 56k (or 53k for the purists).

I don’t know of any settings you can change. However, if your new computer has a built in modem or a “Winmodem” (software based), you may get better performance with a top quality hardware modem. You can tell the difference because Winmodems clearly say they work only with Windows.

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What a dumbass :rolleyes: Sorry I had multiple windows open and posted to the wrong thread.

“My family just bought a new computer.”

Tell use what kind of computer it is…

Teelo, have you tried putting the modem from the old machine into the new one? Or using the old machine with the old modem since you got the new machine (to ensure that the problem does not lie elsewhere)?

Ken Gr: I am using a 56.6. Unfortunately its the best I can do short of spending outrageous amounts for hooking up the satellite dish. Is there a way of telling what type of modem I am using right now?

Running:Perhaps I will try switching them, i’m a little scared of that. Im not sure at all how to uninstall old modem software and put the new software in. I think I can physically replace them, no problem though!

Handy Um, 2.4ghz, 512ddr ram, 80gigs, Win XP, Intel P4. Anything else you want to know?
(What I really love is how damn quiet it is, the old one had an extremely noisy fan in it. Thats part of the reason we replaced it.)

Look at your modem connection. If it comes from the motherboard (the interface panel) it is almost surely a software modem. If you actually have a modem card, it could be either. Do you know how to find the Device Manager? In WinXP, the easiest way is probably to right click on My Comptuter and select Properties (I think). See how the modem is identified. Winmodems are usually identified as winmodem or softmodem. If you have any trouble, see what the driver is and you can probably do a Google search and back out what the hardware is.