Can I have a little cheese with this whine?

Okay, in the last month I’ve been dealing with my wonderful dog Jake having bone cancer. My thoroughbred mare has an abscess from hell, that’s threatening to turn into white line disease. Vet out twice and the farrier out. My mutant mini has choked (3rd time for this) and had to have the vet out twice.

Now two weeks ago I fostered a shih tzu mix a co-worker was threatening to euth because she was poorly house broken and yappy. I told him we could probably find the dog a home if I spend my week’s vacation at Thanksgiving trying to house train her. Two weeks later and she hasn’t had a single accident, isn’t yappy except for a few minutes when she’s crated until she settles down. She’s good with cats, dogs and horses. I’ve contacted a rescue to see if they could work at finding her a home while I fostered. Then I came home last night to find that one of my dogs had really nailed her. A trip to the emergency vet and an estimate of $700-$900 to patch her up. They’ve stabilized her this morning but haven’t put in the drains, etc. So now I have to hope I can transport her to my vet to have this done a little cheaper.

Sheesh. I’m glad I have a hefty emergency fund.


That’s a lot on one plate! Do you have any idea which of your dogs attacked the foster?

Also, since I had no idea what it was:

from White Line Disease in Horses – The Horse

It really sux to be going through all that.
I hope all the beasties will be ok.

Wow, that’s a whole lot of disasters in a short period of time.

If I may ask, what do you mean your mini choked? I’ve never heard of this affliction. Is it something I should be watching for in my own ponies? Hope things get better soon for your beasties.

Renee - Yeah, choke is where there’s an esophageal obstruction. They keep trying to eat and drink and more food blocks the esophagus. They can breathe - that’s a different pipe - but they can’t eat or drink. Dehydration is a real concern. You’ll usually see the horse coughing and frothing at the nose and mouth.The vet will put a naso-gastric tube down and break up the block, but it can cause aspiration (which happened to Daisy, just a bit) and pneumonia. It’s scary and should be considered an emergency. If your horse chokes, you can try to resolve it by flooding the throat with large syringefuls of water and massaging the throat. If that doesn’t work, you need to call the vet out.

purplehorseshoe - Thanks for thinking of me, when you have so much going on in your own life. I do appreciate it.

Daisy is a dwarf and has roached and hunched back (lordosis and scoliosis). She’s in her 20’s. The vet said dwarf minis rarely live past their teens, so I’m just going to try to give her the best life I can for whatever time she has left.


On the white line… I can swear to the ability of CleanTrax to stop any and all fungal/bacteria infection in one (or at most two) treatments. Follow the directions.

Sorry your zoo is having troubles, St Germain! I hope things go better next week.

Oh StG, I am so sorry for all that is happening to you and your critters. When it rains it pours.

I got Marley back from the vet last night. Many drains, moving very slowly, but moving. Ate a bit of wet food. She has to have 2 antibiotics and heparin shots for the next two days. I’m glad she made it. $800 glad, for a dog that isn’t even mine.


so what are you doing about the dog who tore her up?

Daisy died last night. She never really recovered since her last choke. I had the vet out again, and she said that there just wasn’t much she go do at this point - her esophagus wasn’t blocked, but she probably had a hernia-like stricture. I was feeding her multiple meals of soaked pellets but she wasn’t eating much. I thought she was doing a little better, but went out to feed this morning and she was gone.

RIP, my wee feisty pony.


I’m sorry :frowning: She certainly knew she was loved and cared for, lucky little girl. Choke is so scary, my old mare will every so often, and I hate it.

How’s the little dog doing?

I am so sorry to hear about all of your animals’ troubles. RIP Daisy. I am sure she appreciated all you did for her over the years.

Even worse news - my neighbor the cop came to haul her body to the road for the animal removal people and saw clear signs she was attacked by coyotes. They were very active and vocal last night, and he said they probably jumped the 4’ fence and got in with her. My dogs were going crazy so I kept them shut up in the house last night.

saje - The little dog is doing fine and is now ready for a new home. She’s still with me, but the rescue I have her with said they thought she’d be in a new home within a couple weeks.

Brynda - Thanks. I just feel sort of gutted. Still waiting for the other shoe to drop with Jake, but he’s doing okay. Not really putting weight on the cancerous leg, but still eating and goes out with the other dogs.


Brynda - I need a distraction. Do you want to go to the movies this weekend? I’d like to see The Hobbit, Les Miserables or Lincoln.


StG. Check your PMs.

Oh, StG, I am so sorry about little Daisy. I had not seen this till you mentioned it in my LuLu thread. There are no words. (((hugs)))

I’m so very sorry to hear about Daisy.

:frowning: i’m sorry about Daisy. You’re a good owner for taking care of them all.

I am sorry to hear of your loss. Sending supporting thoughts your way!