Can I identify my Amazon devices?

It turns out I have many devices listed on my account, and they are named things like Device #4. There’s a serial number, which looks nothing like what I could find on my phone, and no other clue what the device is. Can anyone point me in a direction of finding out which one is which?

I did try the Amazon forums, but it seems they only want to discuss Amazon devices, not things like Motorola phones with the Amazon app, which is what I have.

If it’s an actual Kindle device, you can use the Amazon cite to set an alarm off on it. You typically use that to locate it, but it would work for this as well.
You could deregister them and see if any of them give you a hard time about not being connected anymore.

All your devices also have their own email address. You could try emailing something to them (I believe you have to whitelist the from address first). I’m not sure what happens on a non-kindle device, but it’s not going to hurt anything. It would probably be a good first step.

Assuming it works for you the way it does for me:

On the Amazon website, go to “Your Content and Devices” (it’s one of the options in the “Account & Lists” dropdown menu) and click on “Your Devices” (the middle tab).

You’ll see a list of your devices by Name and Type. By clicking on the “Actions” button to the left of the name of each device, you’ll get a list of options, including the option to change the name of the device to something more meaningful to you.