How does Amazon pre load their devices with your account info?

If you order a fire stick or a Kindle directly through Amazon, the device is already set up with your account info. If you purchase from a retail store, you have to register it yourself.

I’m sure there aren’t cubicles full of people plugging devices into a USB port and manually entering your info, but even if they have a way that only takes a few seconds, the device would still need to be repackaged. Lets say they have the process down to 20 seconds. Multiply that times thousands of devices, though.

As concerned as Amazon is with streamlining and efficiency, i’m surprised they aren’t just shipped as is, leaving it to the customer to register it. So what’s the process?

They probably flash the info to the device when it is manufactured, right along with the firmware, then ship it straight to you.

I don’t recall my Amazon devices recognizing me until it’s connected to the network. So I think Amazon simply associates the device with the owner’s account, but doesn’t preload any account information onto the device itself. As soon as you turn on the device and connect it to the net work, it talks to Amazon’s server, finds out that it’s registered to your account, and sets itself up accordingly.

I doubt that “as it is manufactured” is likely. These devices are mostly assembled in Asia – if the account was flashed there you probably couldn’t order one in North America and then get it in a few days.

But probably Amazon gets them before they go into their final boxes so they probably can do it before it is shrink-wrapped.

That’s how I remember it, but even if it shows up at your door with your name and some info loaded into it, all they’d have to do is turn it on and turn it back off a few minutes later after someone verifies that it’s successfully linked to your account.

I’m sure there’s some kind of address on the back of it that they can enter in to your account so when it turns on it’s automatically associated with your account.

That’s what happens. You get an e-mail from Amazon saying it’s been registered to you while it’s en route, but what they mean is your account has been set up to ping it.

I would imagine (and that’s all it is, I don’t own any of these), that there’s a sticker on the outside of the box with some barcodes and such on it; the device probably has a unique ID or serial number, which is one of the numbers encoded on the box. As the box is pulled from the warehouse to be shipped to you, the ID on the box is scanned and associated with your account as it goes out the door. When you start the setup process and connect it to the network, it sends its device ID to the Amazon server, which responds with the preconfiguration, account details, whatever else.

EDIT: another idea; even if there’s not a visible sticker on the box, it could be RFID or some other method of scanning the ID/serial as it’s pulled from the warehouse.

No… For it (the device), to ping … (the account, at the service provider.)
They refuse to use this process in store so as to not have the salesperson trying to impress customers with their dedication … (eg swapping hardware to see if a 2nd or 3rd device works better… ) but of course trying to solving a problem that is impossible (for the sales person) to solve… the database is slow to update and the it will better in a few hours…

Its De rigur that there is a serial number or ID that is unique and specific to that device and its serial number, IMEI, its mobile phone network identity …

Not totally on-topic, but Amazon does not autoload your account details to the device if you marked it as a gift. A nice touch, I thought…

The serial number method is what’s used.

Note the third way of buying an Amazon device: as a gift to someone else. You really need to check this when buying one for someone else online. Amazon doesn’t do the match up of serial number to account for that device and the recipient has to log on to Amazon with the device to receive services.

We have two Amazon devices. One was bought by Mrs. FtG for my use using her Prime account (which we share), no gift option checked, and once connected it now thinks of itself as “her” device. (It’s a FireTV Stick. I have to add videos using her account, not mine, even though it’s a household Prime account.)

The other is a Kindle bought for her as a gift. We had to connect to Amazon (via WiFi in this case, 3G works for those so equipped) and log on to get going.

We have also bought devices for others and I’ve been careful to check the gift option on checkout.

Bypassing the initial activation (tying the device to an account) and continuing the use the device standalone is a whole 'nother issue.