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In the film Chocolat, there is a scene toward the end where they have a feast in which each dish is made with chocolate. Is this actually possible?

I’m looking for creative Doper recipes for everyday food items (e.g., not dessert) which include chocolate. Let’s create a truly decadent feast.

Anybody know the recipe for the hot chocolate she served in the movie?

Furryman, it looked like regular “old school” hot chocolate (melted milk chocolate mixed with boiled milk as opposed to Swiss Miss packets) with a pinch of some kind of chile powder thrown in.

Chiles of some kind were added to hot cocoa beverages by the Aztecs. I don’t know if the Aztecs pulverized dried chiles into a powder or what. The movie seems to suggest that cocoa prepared this way was eventually known all throughout Latin American Indian culture. Vianne’s mother was an indeterminate South American Indian, and from her mother seems to be where Vianne got the recipe for chile-powder cocoa.

Has anyone ever tried chili powder in hot cocoa?

Mole’ (sp?) is a sauce used in some Mexican dishes that is made with chocolate. Chicken mole’…mmmmmm…

Here’s a recipe for chicken mole: http://chicken.allrecipes.com/az/qckchcknml.asp

You know, Shibb, I just saw this movie on Saturday.

I’ve seen some recipes in Cooking Light recently that use chocolate - or cocoa powder and the like (like chicken mole that Gundy refers to). I’d bet it’s possible.

It looked like something she served had some sort of chocolate sauce on top of it. Shoot, pour it on whatever you like!

I wonder what chocolate shavings in salad would taste like. Hmmm. Or maybe I’d just try and concoct a dressing with chocolate in it. That might be better.

I remember my Mom once giving us chocolate cheese. It sounds gross, but it actually was really good. I recall spreading them on Marie biscuits.

And chicken mole would be good with that meal.

I could see a salad with romaine and spinach, toasted pecans, dried cranberries or dried cherries, feta cheese, and some bitter chocolate with a fruity vinaigrette.

French bread with Nutella. mmmmmmm, Nutella!

And speaking of chili powder in hot cocoa, you can also put cocoa powder in chili.

crazy4chaucer, I think I’ve had that chocolate cheese before… It was good, I agree.

I haven’t had hot chocolate with chili powder in it, but a few months ago I had chipotle chocolate ice cream. Chipotles, for those who don’t know, are smoked jalepeno peppers. The ice cream was AWESOME. It was really, really dense chocolate ice cream, and it was HOT. The first few bites were a bit odd, but then you found yourself wolfing it down. Chocolate and peppers really do work quite well.


Do Nipples of Venus really exist? The only times I’ve ever heard of them has been in the movies or plays – Chocolat and Amadeus.

Of course, if they really existed and you could buy them at the local chocolate shop, I’d spend all my time sniggering. The day we will be fully free of our sexual hangups is the day you can buy pre-packaged Hershey’s Nipples of Venus at the supermarket checkout.


or Capelozzi di Venere (sp?)

Here’s an article with a recipe from the movie Chocolat. I couldn’t find any evidence that the recipes preceed Amadeus, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

I tried a chocolate recipie from Iron Chef. Cubed beef is dusted in cocoa powder, then braised in carmelized sugar. It wasn’t bad, but nothing to really write home about.

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Cincinnati Chili has chocolate in it. Here is a recipe;


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If you are interested in early choclate, there’s a online text of a 1650’s book than includes recipes. I’ve tried several of them (scaled down) and they are quite good.

** Chocolate Lasagna **–Cook 8 oz. lasagna noodles, either store bought, or make your own with any standard recipe, and add about 1/4 cup cocoa powder. Combine 2 cups ricotta cheese with 1/4 cup each dried fruit and/or nuts, sugar and cocoa. Layer with noodles, grate 4 oz. real milk chocolate on top, cook at 350 till chocolate is melted.

I bring this as a vegetarian dish a lot, and it’s always a hit!

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