Chili chocolate - what's the big deal?

I heard a few people rave about chilli infused chocolate, so I bought some Lindt chilli infused dark chocolate. I don’t get it, it just tastes like regular dark chocolate, which I like, with a vague hint of pepper spray. The old lady didn’t really care for it either. Is there some kind of mystical terreoir that I’m suppose to get out of it?

I just tried some, too, and I didn’t care for it, either. It was like eating chocolate that made my throat hurt a little bit.

Try again, with one of these.

I’m going to pine away for cherry/chili/chocolate all night now. Thanks.

I really like it, personally. I think the heat really compliments the chocolate, especially if you add some salt.

I put cocoa powder in my chili, and everyone seems to love it.

I like it. It’s not going to shatter your world, but I think the flavours go really well together. Mexican hot chocolate is a better way of getting your cocoa/chilli fix, though.

In bar form, you have to go a long way to beat sea-salt chocolate IMHO.

I’m not a big fan of any of Lindt’s bars…

For a long time the Vosges Red Fire bar was my favorite, though. Chili and cinnamon in dark chocolate. Try that, then come back to report.

I find Dagoba’s Organic Xocolotl to be pretty tasty…

I don’t like it in candy bars, but I’ve had hot chocolate powder flavored with chili that was kind of fun on a cold winter night.

How do you feel about cherries, chili, and chocolate in barbecue sauce?

Well I don’t know but I’m loathe to turn down any offers to to cook me delicious vittles. So are you, uh, offering?


Damn it. I’m hungry with no one to cook for me now. And in all seriousness that sounds strangely tasty.

I like the Lindt chili chocolate bars. There was a limited edition one with chili cherry filling a few years back. That was darned good, too.

As noted above, I also put coca powder in my chili. I also add cinnamon and a pinch of cayenne to hot chocolate.

There’s a local small-batch ice cream maker here who has a spicy chocolate ice cream on her frequent flavors list. I have a pint of that in my freezer right now. So good!

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The Maraschino-based sauce I use is great on smoked pork shoulder.