Can I legally choke my chicken in New York City?

See subject. Also duck, which I’m actually more interested in. (One word: Rouen.)

Practically speaking, it would some other person doing the choking, which I am using to mean strangulation, ie death by suffocation.

As opposed to slaughter be being beheaded or bled.

Is “wringing the neck” of a chicken strangling it or breaking its neck?

If the latter, I am thinking it snaps the spinal connection to cause death; but come to think of it I don’t know hanged people die, actually, but it seems quick. True?

Which causes unconsciousness quickest? I’m purposely not saying “humane-ist,” etc.

What kind of question is that?

And here I thought it was a question about masturbation. Pity.

Short answer: no answer. Short reason: thread-shitting.

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Your second interest obviously prompted you to open this thread and post your query–which I presume is rhetorical. If not, that’s OK too, because fighting ignorance in topics of interest is this site’s raison d’être.

I don’t believe my short answer is, or should not be interpreted as junior modding (Yellow, once you get that thrown at you you’ll really know your way around). It’s just I’ve never been in a thread where it has occurred, let alone in so stark a manner, and I guess it’s in a sticky somewhere but I’ve had to figure it out by inference.

***Can I legally choke my chicken in New York City? ***

Not if your Jewish or intending to dine on kosher pond ducks. Then you’ll need to properly wield a challah knife.

Wringing a bird’s neck breaks the spine. The brain no longer controls body function (paralysis). The loss of blood to the brain causes shock and unconsciousness. Death follows within seconds.

Strangulation shuts off blood flow to the brain and blocks air from entering the lungs. It may take minutes for death to occur but unconsciousness will occur sooner.

Beheading results in a rapid drop in blood pressure causing shock and unconsciousness. And death, of course.

(From a capital punishment/death penalty viewpoint, a “proper” hanging (the long drop) is designed to pop the neck somewhere between the 2nd and 5th cervical vertebrae without decapitating the body. The physical result should be the same as “wringing their neck”.)

doorhinge, explain to him also that for pork to be kosher, the hog must be circumcised, and if he really is concerned about the chicken, why doesn’t he just go to the Colonel ? ?

He should also be aware that beef jerky comes from masturbating bulls . . .


I want to see a video of him trying to catch the ducks on the pond before the Sûreté catch him. hehehe.

I’ve killed my share of chickens.

[li]My tech involves grasping the feet in my left hand[/li][li]raising the upside down bird so that my left hand is roughly shoulder high[/li][li]grabbing the bird’s head between my right pointer and middle finger[/li][li]jerking sharply downward with the right hand.[/li][/ul]

Jerk too hard and the head comes off. Not hard enough and you’ve done a chiropractic adjustment on the bird. The dead bird flutters for 15 to 30 seconds.

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Can I legally choke my chicken in New York City?

Can blindness be caused by excessive masturbation?

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