Can I make a MacBook Pro ONLY see an external keyboard?

Using a machine given to me. The keyboard ( “top case” in AppleSpeak, or iLingo as it is now known ) had wine spilled onto it. The Tab key is engaged almost nonstop. Strongly striking another key on it sometimes makes the incessant Tabbing stop, so I can type. Most notable on Word docs and emails. Never a problem posting here, though. :wink:

I am using an external Apple bluetooth keyboard. Works fine, except that the nonstop Tabbing cannot be stopped. See, the external keyboard is what I am typing on right now but I can reach over and type on the main machine keyboard at any time. Why buy the external? Because the keys for A, S and D are dead. Makes writing exceedingly difficult.

The Tabbing is brutal. Is there any way to have this external keyboard discoverable, but DISENGAGE the internal keyboard??

Many thanks.

Try this hint (requires Terminal commands):

You could open it up and disconnect the keyboard if the barrage of tabs makes other options problematic.

Hi. Just now back at this thread. Bought an OEM keyboard on eBay. May replace it myself.
Cannot just disconnect the ribbon cable. The Power button is run through they keyboard wiring :dubious:

Will find someone who knows how to enter Terminal commands and at least have the keyboard " not found ". Hopefully this will leave the power button intact.

Mo latuh.