Can I make my iPod always play two songs consecutively?

This seems like something that should have been asked in the past, but if it has been, my search fu has failed.

Can I (and if so, how do I) force iTunes, and by extension my iPod, to always play specific tracks consecutively, even if I’m shuffling songs? Some tracks are just meant to go together, like Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and A Little Help From My Friends. Or Eruption and You Really Got Me. iTunes treats these as completely unrelated tracks, so on shuffle, once the track is over, it shuffles to the next random thing. I’d like to be able to tell it to always play A Day In The Life after Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise).

Any suggestions?

You would have to have iTunes treat them as a single song.

I seldom use shuffle but before iTunes fixed the ‘gap’ between songs (gapless playback), I would have the whole B Side of Abbey Rd (for example) treated as a single track. Ditto Floyd’s DSOTM and various other albums. Now that they fixed the gap issue, I wentr back and separated them all but for what you want, you would have to join the tracks.

iTunes is on another PC so I can’t show you how but someone here can chime in maybe.

As a sort of hack, you could take some sound software and concatenate the songs you wanted together as a single song.

Yes, any number of tracks on the same album can be imported into iTunes as a single track; you highlight them in iTunes on the CD and go to Advanced, Join CD Tracks. I’m not aware of any way of doing it with tracks off different albums, nor of doing it after the tracks have been imported.

This is the way to do it. And yes, we all pray for the day when we can join tracks from different CDs.

The software in question is called Garage Band (assuming you’re on a Mac.)

ETA: it’s pretty easy to just follow the steps after a “help” search; otherwise, I’d be nice and go do it myself (I have before and just don’t remember) so that I could tell you exactly how.

You could probably do this using Audacity (free audio editing software), then import the new track. It’s not powerful but should do the job.