Gapless songs on iPod

I have a 30GB iPod v 1.3 Model MA002LL (I don’t know what generation that makes this).I always use the shuffle song feature when listening to music but there are some songs that I want to play one right after the other. For example:

We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions - Queen
This Beat Goes On/Switching to Glide - The Kings
You Never Give Me Your Money/Sun King/Mean Mr. Mustard/Polythene Pam/She Came in through the Bathroom Window – The Beatles (Side 2 of “Abbey Road”)
Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/End – The Beatles (Side 2 of “Abbey Road”)
Most of Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd.

The problem is that choosing gapless doesn’t do me any good when I use shuffle. My only choice seems to be to turn off shuffle. Is there a way to link songs together so they will always be played one after the other?

Not that I know of. You can always combine them into a single song in iMovie or any other sound editor.

Assuming you ripped these off of a CD, you would need to re-rip them in iTunes, this time using the “Join CD Tracks” option under the Advanced menu. This will turn the selected songs into one file.

Most of them I had ripped from CDs that I had borrowed (oh the shame. The RIAA will accuse me of stealing the music) but some I had bought from iTunes. Does that mean I have to burn them to a CD and rip them back in as joined tracks? What a crock.

There are plenty of shareware and freeware apps that can edit WAV and MP3 files, including cropping and sewing them. I’ve done a couple of “sew jobs” like you describe, to keep instrumental intros and whatnot with the song they go with on the album.

Hm, that’s an iPod video - it ought to play gapless, I’d think… Is the iPod software up to date?

Yes it is.

Cool. Can you give me any examples?

That’s exactly what I do, except I actually bought all my CDs. Which part do you consider a crock?

OK, your iPod is exactly the same as mine except a different color, and mine plays without gaps.

Apple’s support page on gapless playback has this somewhat cryptic advice:

So does that mean certain formats play with gaps and some don’t? Have you tried importing as Apple Lossless or AAC instead of MP3?

I realize now I totally misread the OP. :smack: Yeah, if you want to shuffle songs but always have a certain song immediately follow another one, the two have to be encoded as one file.

I think it’s a crock that I have bought or ripped songs into my PC and now have to burn them to a CD so I can rip them back into my PC just so I can have two (or more) songs play continuously. Apple should update their software to allow this functionality.

Audacity. That’s a free audio editing software that you can use to join two tracks into one. It’s simple enough to use, but I’d be happy to provide more help if needed.