Can I make my laptop stay on even when I close the top?

Situation: I hook my laptop to my flat screen to watch Hulu. Problem is though when I’m halfway engrossed in a show, the cat comes by and steps all over they keyboard. Usually pausing or disrupting my program in some fashion.

It’s very annoying. How can I close my laptop and still keep the show going?

I have windows 7 if that matters.

Control Panel, Power Options. On your selected plan, click ‘Change plan settings’, then ‘Change advanced power settings’. Go down to ‘Power buttons and lid’.

Control Panel > Hardware and Sounds > Powe Options > Edit Plan Settings >

click Change Advanceed Power Settings

expand Power buttons and lid

expand Lid close action

and just change the settings.


Just close it to 45 degrees and the cat won’t walk across it.

When I do that, all three of mine close it for me. It’s just another service they offer.

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Thanks for the input guys.

There might be a better option.

Changing that setting stays – if you don’t change it back, before long you are going to forget to shut off your laptop before closing the lid, so it will keep running and use up all your battery, so when you open it to use it you find it dead.

In most laptops, you can shut off the keyboard. Then the cat walking on it won’t matter (unless they happen to hit the key needed to turn it back on).

Or you can use a security option that locks your keyboard until you enter a password – choose one that your cats are unlikely to hit by accident.

There are 2 options in there, one for when you’re on battery and one for when you’re plugged in. Just change the one for when you’re plugged in, assuming you use the power cord when you watch movies.

Nb if you have any proprietary power saving modes they might not let you change the setting. That was one of the reasons I switched my laptop from Samsung to Sony.

Try this cat proofing program

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Close the lid about halfway. Then set the laptop on edge, like a partly open book. Cats can’t walk on that.
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