Can I mow my lawn?

I sometimes use WD-40 or silicone spray on my snowblower augers. It must be done before using the blower, when the augers are dry. It works.

I walk in a shady area of the grass, if my shoes/feet don’t get wet then I mow.

Yep. In the past I have mowed my lawn barefoot in the rain.

I have had to rig the guard of a push mower before to mow tall, wet grass that otherwise would clump and bog the machine down too frequently.

It’s not safe, but it did make a beautiful rooster tail of green!

When I was 15, I was mowing the grass for my dad, scalped a bit, and he came screaming out of the house at me. I blinked at him, turned off the mower, and told him if he wanted a perfectly mowed lawn, he could do it his own damn self; I wasn’t mowing his lawn ever again. I vowed to never mow any lawn, ever.

To this day, I have yet to have touched a lawnmower. Will. Not. Do. It.

My front yard is landscaped and mostly mulch, which forms paths around the various butterfly/hummingbird garden beds. The backyard is what I call “native woodland” which means there isn’t enough sun back there to allow grass to grow. I have a 5’ strip of grass in the front yard, which I trim regularly with a string trimmer.

No mowing since 1986 and still holding on to my record. :cool:

I now have about an acre and a half of lawn to mow and up here in the mountains of East Tennessee, if you don’t mow while the sun shines, you will be up to your armpits in a few weeks. So, this reminded me that I need to go mow this afternoon. Probably should stock up on beer. It IS the weekend after all. Not that it really matters anymore, but some of my friends still have ‘normal’ jobs. Music and dancing by the fire tonight. It is cool enough that a fire will be very welcome. I can’t believe it is only 64F on the 11th of May!
I’d be grubbing around in the garden except that I pulled a muscle yesterday and my buddy (who is my massage therapist) forbade me from doing so. She knows these things better than I. So, I guess riding around on the mower will have to suffice.

That’s it exactly. I’m not sure there’s any actual grass in there but there’s definitely a whole lot of everything else. The vast majority of our land is wooded and that, combined with the way the house is positioned means that most of our non-wooded land sees little-to-no sun year round. We also have a row of huge arborvite trees lining the front yard and those fuckers kill anything that tries to grow under them. All this adds up to make a fairly shitty looking front yard. I’m trying to do something with it but lack of spare money and no-how is making it take a long damn time.

In my case, the best tasting seltzer with cranberry juice. Damn that was refreshing.

You’re more than welcome to come cut mine. I grew up in very poor neighborhoods in the city. We didn’t have grass. We did have glass though, and needles, and occasionally bullet casings. Then I lived in a condo. We did have grass then but we weren’t allowed to cut it. My boyfriend will generally do the mowing here but he’s sick and he has a job so I decided to do it for him. He was very very grateful.

That was actually exactly what I did. I put on my dark blue Wellies and walked to the mailbox and back. They were dry when I got back (the bottoms were wet though because the soil was still wet) so I figured it was safe.

That’s dangerous in my yard. Between the arborvites shedding on my lawn and the damn damage from the hurricane and early snowstorm, I can’t seem to keep up with all the damn branches on my lawn. Every time the wind blows hard, more little branches get worked loose from those stupid things. I hate those trees and I can’t wait until we can cut them down.

This sounds beautiful! I’d like something like that. My real desire is to have an English cottage garden with stone walkways, a little seating area for tea, a stone wall with an iron gate, and lots and lots of beautiful flowers and leafy plants. Screw the damn grass.

We have an acre but most of it is wooded/house. When we were house hunting, my boyfriend insisted on at least an acre of land (he grew up on 1/4 of an acre and wanted more than that - and neighbors farther away). I would have been fine with 1/4 of an acre, though I also prefer neighbors farther away but I made it clear to him that if he got an acre of grass, I would NOT be cutting it unless he got a riding mower. Well, we ended up with about 1/2 acre of grass/house and 1/2 acre of woods so we got a regular mower.

Michelob ultra 19th hole.

A light beer, only 4 % abv, combines iced tea, lemonade, and beer. Try it after/during mowing!!