Can I mow my lawn?

Thanks to all the rain we’ve had recently, my “grass” badly needs to be cut. But, because of all the rain we’ve had recently, it hasn’t been able to be cut. Well, supposedly I have a few more hours at least of no rain. It has been at least 5 hours since it stopped.
Can I mow now? How dry does the “grass” need to be? Will it damage the mower or the “grass”?

Supposedly it’s (holy crap the sun just shined into my window, haven’t seen that in a while) not going to rain again until Monday so should I just wait 'til tomorrow or Saturday and hope my neighbors don’t lynch me before then?

I would wait, wet grass clogs up the mower or bagger, depending on the type and if the ground is soft you can leave very visible tracks. I bet by tomorrow it’ll be ready BOL

Capt K

If you’re really looking at a window of sun with rain expected again for a number of days, I’d set the mower as high as it goes and sally forth.

Go slow, and you’ll not cause a lot of damage, particularly if you have “grass” (which I also have).

It’s the other way around. I see a tiny sliver of sun and a slightly larger sliver of blue and a whole lot of clouds with no rain expected for 3 or 4 days (finally). Last time we had no rain for a few days, I was down and out with a nasty cold, which is why my yard looks as bad as it does now.
Basically I’m insanely bored right now and figured I could mow the lawn but not if it’s going to damage our oh so special $80 mower. I’m not as concerned about the “grass”. My boyfriend will be really annoyed if I damage the mower.
Sigh. I really need to find a damn job. I can’t believe my life has been reduced to actually wanting to mow the lawn.

Spray cooking spray on the blades and under the deck to keep the grass from sticking in clumps.

I’d be interested in hearing if this works. I tried it on my snowblower once in an effort to prevent the snow from sticking to the blade; made absolutely no difference.

Personally, though - I’d rather mow wet grass than let it get too long. But if it’s one of those deals where it is wet on the normal cycle of mowing, and it’ll be dry in the next day or two, I’ll wait. But during times when it’s wet for like two weeks straight - you just kinda have to suck it up, because letting it get too long is bad also.

I have also heard that for tall, wet grass you should mow a path about one half the width of the mower instead of the full width. It may take you twice as long, but it could prevent the mower from clogging or the blades becoming damaged.

Stop and unclog the mower frequently, after turning it OFF, obviously. And hose it off thoroughly when you are finished.

Ugh. I did it. I’m so tired and my hands are tingling like crazy (effect of a diuretic and the vibrating mower handle). But it’s done and I’m glad. I can see my lilac twigs again! By the time I finished, the clouds had completely gone away and it’s a beautiful sunny and blue sky day.

I love that tingly feeling you get in your hands after a good long mow. Does that make me weird?

The pros are out there mowing in pretty much all weather. I don’t think you’ll hurt anything.

I used to like it too. Now that I’m on the diuretic though my hands and feet and face area ALWAYS FRIGGEN TINGLING!! and the added tingle from the mower isn’t fun.

Glad you didn’t listen to me and got it done anyway

Cheers have a drink:D

Am I the only one who’s wondering why “grass” is in quotation marks?

Now that you mention it(Cough) I did notice that(Cough):smiley:

When I was growing up, my lawn was comprised of “grass” so I know exactly what the OP was referring to. Sadly, no, we are not talking about any controlled substances. We are talking about a mixture of grass, weeds, clover, dandelions, and any other manner of garboliage.

This is worse than pointless. The oil is gone in about 30 seconds, and only serves as a gummy base for garbage to build up on the deck (where it lands after whipping off the blades) much faster.

The best tasting beer you’ll ever drink is the one you have right after you cut the grass, while surveying your work. Cheers!

I haven’t cut grass in over 12 years.

I miss it.

I used to make a living at school cutting grass. Cutting your own grass rocks