Can I open a thread like this?

I wanted to start a thread in cafe society entitled “Tell me how to do your favorite magic trick”.
Is this at risk of getting shut down real fast? I thought the last time we went through this we got the okay to discuss in our own words how certain tricks were done. As long as we weren’t quoting directly out of published works.

Is it safe to start a thread like this?

Your best et is to e-mail the mod in charge.

I don’t think there’s any rule to prevent it, it’s just pretty much a waste of time. Anyone that really knows this stuff won’t answer, though they might direct you to a few books where you might learn. Anyone that does answer is at best an amateur and doesn’t know what they are talking about, at least not with any real expertise.

Hi Hampshire. As things stand, and pending a Mod reply, I don’t think there’s anything to stop you doing this, but asking about magic tricks raises quite a few issues. See this thread for some recent views on this very subject.

And for what it’s worth, I agree with what Peter Morris said. Whether you can ask about a magic trick is one question; whether there’s any point asking is a different kettle of cards and wands altogether.

As has been previously discussed, the topic of magic is a tricky one. :slight_smile:

(In the interests of full disclosure I admit I have friends in the business and a lifelong appreciation of the art, so I have stronger views on the subject; however, it’s not my views that apply here. I do believe if you want to know how a trick is done you should go learn it yourself.)

On the one hand, some material is copyrighted. It’s often difficult to say what constitutes fair use where a trade secret or a copyright is concerned, it’s a muddy subject.

On the other hand we’re all about sharing information, so it would seem logical to get your questions answered here.

Like a lot of things in life magic tricks are a combination of knowledge and expertise. You can know how a trick is done but that really doesn’t always fully explain or give you the means to perform the trick yourself. The best close up guys in the world can make you believe objects appear and reappear as if by . . .well, you know. But all the natural laws here do apply and the conscious rational part of you understands it’s not really winking in and out of existence, though the showmanship involved could make you believe that, if nnly for a second. It’s the ability to cause that suspension of disbelief, that’s where the real magic lies.

It has been decided by management that disclosure of information is okay (within limits, we don’t want to see diagrams on how to built cabinets and stuff). Whether people will disclose this information to you to your satisfaction, that remains to be seen. Some people actively oppose the posting of such information; they think it spoils the trick. They don’t want to know and they don’t want you to talk about it. Within proper limits they can also express their displeasure. Or not participate at all.

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Copyright law applies to copying creative works of expression. Taping David Copperfield’s act off television is copying a creative work of expression. Telling someone how Copperfield did the trick is not copying a creative work of expression.

And sometimes it’s not very muddy. Fair use is a copyright matter; it does not apply to trade secrets. Trade secret law applies only to those who learn the secrets under contract (as an employee, for example). Unless you are stealing secrets from an employer or business associate then you can blab all you want.

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