Can I Overwinter Pampas Grass Indoors?

I’ve lost pampas grass plants outdoors in the past 2 winters (I live outside Boston). Can I bring these plants indoors for the winter? Or can I cover them with mulch and help them to survive outdoors? This grass is pretty hardy…but I guess they can’t take extended freezes.

Do you know your USDA Zone? Or how low are your usual winter temperatures? You must be in a zone that gets under -7F (since according to Sunset, proper pampas grass, Cortaderia sellowiana can take lows that low). However i don’t know the provenance of C. jubata, which is the weedy pampas grass here in California.
I will warn you though, You can probably dig it up and overwinter it, but even small clumps tend to have very tough hard to remove root systems. You’ll want to dig it up, and keep it moist (not wet). Mulch may help, but if the ground is freezing solid it may not do much to help.