Can I re-glue stick-on floor tiles? or: I hate dogs.

So I noticed that my kitchen smelled…nasty, no matter how much I mopped and cleaned.
Investigating more closely today, I noted that one of the stick-on tiles (you know those inexpensive ones…peel & stick! my kinda home decorating!) look a little loose. So I doublechecked and found that, indeed, it peeled right off the floor as if, in fact, it had never been glued in the first place.
Without going into gory details, I have an incontinent, apparently quite SNEAKY dog, and the result of the combination of HorridDog and stick on vinyl tiles is: vinyl tiles that are no longer stuck-on, and a nasty smelly mess underneath them.
So now I have a clean kitchen floor again, and a pile of tiles stacked in the back–enough, coincidentally, to cover about half my floor.
Can they be reglued once they’re cleaned up, or am I stuck replacing them altogether?
And never fear: I have serious plans in place for these dogs, involving fencing and kennels in the garage.

sigh I’m so discouraged.

Sure. Just go to a hardware store and ask for tile adhesive and a trowel. Or you can make a notched trowel out of stiff cardboard. Make the notches about 1/8" deep. Spread the adhesive with the trowel and set your tiles in place. Push them in the glue securely then wipe the excess glue from the seams. Then get out your pastry roller. or any thing round and roll firmly over the tiles. This will force any air you may have trapped out.

Good luck!

It is usually a good idea to go over the exposed subfloor with a little bleach first to kill any mildew that might start growing.