Removing adhesive floor tiles on top of linoleum

For some unknown reason, several years ago my brother-in-law covered his kitchen floor, which was very attractive linoleum, with the peel-and-stick adhesive floor tiles.

Due to some poor planning on his part when moving appliances and the like, the tiles came away from the edges of the cabinets, leaving nice sticky spaces.

To make a long story short, due to the horrendous looking mess he now has on the floor (sticky spots, partial tiles, exposed linoleum, etc.) he would like to remove all the tiles he put down. However, since it has been so long, the tiles cannot simply be pried up–they crack and splinter and break.

He bought some vinyl floor tile remover chemical but he is concerned about the linoleum. Ideally, he would like to remove the tiles and get rid of the sticky residue, leaving the original linoleum in place.

Does anyone know if using the remover would also cause the linoleum to come up? And if it won’t, will the chemicals damage the linoleum to where he would have to recover it again with similar tiles? Or if it will, how else can he get the tiles up, remove the stickiness and leave the linoleum?

The are a handful of different adhesive removers, so it’s impossible to say whether or not the product he has will adversely affect the sheet goods beneath. Try a sample of the product where it won’t be seen to make the determination yourself.

For removing the tiles, have you tried a plumber’s helper (big rubber suction cup on a long handle?) It won’t help with the adhesive, though.

We put a couple of sheets of newspaper over the tile and then ironed over it. The heat from the iron loosened the adhesive enough to peel tile and adhesive right up!

I remember as a kid watching my dad remove floor tiles. He would put a piece of dry ice in the center of each tile. The tile would just pop loose of the floor.

Not sure what effect that would have on the linoleum though.