Can I run a PowerPoint slideshow on an older TV?

Well, the TV isn’t exactly ancient, but it does not have a port designed for a laptop cable. It does have composite, component, and s-video inputs, though.

Are there any adapters that would make this work? (I tried looking at NewEgg, but I’m not exactly sure what I am looking for)

I don’t need audio, just a visual display of a PP slideshow.



Shouldn’t be too difficult. What kind of video output does your laptop have? Whatever it is, check this site to see if they have a conversion tool. They probably do.

[Disclaimer: I’ve never purchased anything from that site, but it looks like a good guide to tell you which piece of equipment you need.]

That’s exactly what I need, NotDennis; thanks!

I did not realize earlier that my laptop has an s-video port, so that should make this pretty straightforward. However, I understand s-video does not produce the best quality image. I am thinking it is probably good enough for a PP slideshow presentation; anyone have an opinion on that?


It’s probably the best and most simple you can do under the circumstances, since I don’t think VGA is the same signal as component - so a simple adapter wouldn’t do here. S-Video is definitely better than composite, and since this is apparently an analog TV, you should be okay resolution-wise.

Standard-definition TVs have very,very low resolution compared to compute monitors. The maximum theoretical resolution is only 720x480, and the “safe area” cuts that down by 20% or more. So, don’t expect anyone to be able to read small text on a TV.