Can I Run Windows 7 on a Macbook Air?

Yes, I know, why would you want to? :smiley: 'Cause I do, that’s why.

I love what they look like, and the size of them, but I really need to run Win7. Will Parallels work on a Macbook Air? How hard would it be for someone who has seen a Mac before, is fairly computer savvy, and an intermediate user of Windows (as in, I can work out most things on my own or with help from Google) to accomplish this? Can I just install Win 7 on it, and get rid of the Mac OS?

Google seems to say, “Yes, but…” with differing variables. So I thought I’d ask you guys.

Please no Mac v PC sniping?

Cheers. :slight_smile:

MacBook Air can run Windows 7 on them. There’s a support question about this very topic on Apple’s website. At least you should be able to run Windows via Bootcamp. According to Parallels, any new Mac should be able to run their software.

Thanks heaps, qazwart.

Are you aware of any driver issues or other problems that might arise from running Windows 7 in Bootcamp?

I’m running Windows 7 on an early 2008 MacBook without a problem. Apple supplies drivers for all components, so you can just follow the boot camp instructions and install away.

You can even then set your boot preferences to automatically boot up Windows and only boot MacOS when you want it (and hold down the Option key while booting up.)

i’m running Parallels on a new Macbook Air. Windows XP, not 7, but Parallels works fine.

Parallels is handy if you need to go back and forth between Mac & Windows applications. If you’re planning to primarily just run in Windows, I’d recommend Boot Camp.

Here are some links for you:

Thank you so much everybody, I really appreciate the answers.

Now go to buy my new Air! :slight_smile: