Can I save my teeth? Can YOU?

I have been cursed with a mouthful of overly sensitive teeth, and things haven’t been made any better by my love of sugar. So, I find myself with a mouth full of fillings, and goodness knows there are more where they came from. My question is- without bringing cost into the equation, is there some way to completely protect my teeth from futher attacks? I’m envisioning filling 'em up and sealing 'em over. Can this be done permanently? (and no darned hippie replies about eating vegetables and brushing more often).

A pair of pliers, some shellac, and an attractive box to display on your mantlepiece and I’d say your teeth living large.

Sadly, no. Even if you have them all capped, you’ll still have to practice good oral hygiene in order to keep them.

Last year I had (another) one pulled; this was one that many years ago had a major root canal and a crown put on it. I managed to develop a nasty infection in the gum, which in turn led to some bone loss in the jaw. Even after the infection subsided, the tooth was too loose in its socket to keep, I’d’ve just kept having more infections. So, in the interests of a symetrical jaw (as opposed to an asymetrical jaw) it came out.

But I kept it. (Hey, I paid for the crown!) It’s now in an ashtray with my four wisdom teeth.

I have the same problem. We were both losers in the game of dental genetics roulette.

My dentist (who is no dope) is slowly capping or crowning all my teeth. He delayed this “solution” as long as he could because there is a significant possibility that decay will continue below the gum line after the tooth is capped. The only reason we are proceeding with it now is that there just isn’t enough tooth left to hold fillings on many of my teeth. As a matter of fact, quite a few of my teeth are nothing more than artful sculptures of composite holding on for dear life to a millimeter of tooth above the gum line.

I’ve been using a prescription toothpaste with lethal amounts of flouride for years but it hasn’t helped significantly. One of my three sons has inherited the same problem - eight years old and already has 5 root canals and 3 crowns. The other two boys have normal teeth, thank god.

Eventually, I’ll probably be looking at dental implants. Probably should be doing more to avoid osteoporosis so I’ll have some bone to implant when the time comes.

I’ll be watching to see if any dentists check in with better answers in the meantime, though.

There are actually new treatments such gum surgery and even a pill that helps heal gums. These are EXTREMELY expensive.

I got mugged and cracked 9 teeth. It took 3 years(couldn’t afford to get them all fixed at once) to fix and of course the teeth shifted and things got worse.

All in all the results saved my teeth but I still couldn’t afford the gum treatments and considering I’m 37 it becomes a quality of life issue. Spend $20,000 to fix the teeth with no guarantee or get dentures. Also my father died at 50 my grandfather at 47. You start to have to weigh cost versus longevity.
All in all I’d rather get dentures and buy a car.