Can I start an 'artwork competition' thread?

Specifically, one in which people create themed pictures, posting links to them, followed by some judging/voting process, possibly with a small prize awarded by me to the winner?

(Assuming sufficient interest in such a thread)

Reason for asking: I’ve just bought a smashing new domain name and I want a logo graphic for it, so I also want to acquire free use of the winning entry. This particular aspect of it shouldn’t impact on the SDMB copyright T&Cs, as the images would not (cannot) be posted directly on the board; there would only be links describing them.

I know it’s been done before, Mangetout, in MPSIMS – I’ve won two of them! :slight_smile:

Thanks for that; My only concern is that it might fall foul of some rule, because I intend to benefit from it.

I’ll give you an OK, Mangetout, and you might want to mention that in your thread when you start it. Yeah, we normally don’t allow anything “commercial” but we bend a lot when it’s promoting efforts in the arts. Cafe Society is OK if you’d prefer, but MPSIMS is fine too.

Please be sure that it’s very clear up front that you want to acquire use of the winning entry for no fee.

Thanks, Dex.