Can I stay moderately drunk for a week straight without any longer-term consequences?

I’m going on a one-week vacation at an “all-inclusive” resort. One plausible result: a Margarita at my side every waking moment. I’ve been a bit depressed recently, so the idea of staying snockered is especially attractive.

The preference of my youth was pot, so I never did much alcohol; occasional college binges, and since those days a couple of drinks at a party or over dinner (well, except for Chi-dope 02 and Qui-dope 03, which I would rank with my college binges). I can’t ever recall having a drink 2 days in a row, though I know a daily red wine is supposedly good for you.

Frankly, I’m pretty sure I’m in no danger of becoming an alcoholic, or I would have made it there long ago if I was prone to it. Any other possible health consequences, outside of getting hurt doing something stupid?

Short term dehydration, if you don’t drink plenty of water to replenish.

Make sure to eat, too . . . that will tend to even out the BAL and moderate any spikes.

Possible sour stomach after awhile. Again, eating helps, as will Alka Seltzer.

None of these problems are long-term, though I’m sure others will caution you about liver/kidney/brain etc. problems. Your key words are “moderately” and “a week,” which I think (if adhered to) ameliorates most of the real clinical problems, though IANAMD.

Oh, and if you’re at a resort, one hopes you’ll be resting a lot, which is good. Of the two forms of marathon drinking I’ve observed, participants in the resort-style drink all day, fall asleep at 9, snooze for ten hours, then start all over variety tend to finish the marathon better than those who are closing down the bar and thus battling sleep deprivation as well. Sleep seems to be a sovereign remedy for hangover symptoms.

Staying out late in bars to drink (and drinking does retard the sense of when it’s time to go home) compounds the alcohol-based assaults on the constitution with general exhaustion, which (whatever its cause) does seem to open people up to other opportunistic ailments.

Well, you’ll wind up with breath that would knock a pig off a shit truck from 50 paces, but apart from that…

Actually, alcohol (and a constant state of intoxication) probably aren’t a great idea for you if you’re experiencing depression, alcohol being a depressant and all. Perhaps you could focus on enjoying the sun, surf and sand instead?

Anyhow, have fun. :slight_smile:

As my grandaddy said, if you want to dance, you have to pay the piper. So if I were you, at your age especially, I’d not try to stay “moderately” tipsy all day, because the next day will remind you of what you did. Now if you have a strong constitution or whatever the hell it takes to drink all day everyday and not be the worse for the wear–what the hell. But you won’t know until you actually do it. So, I guess I’d just make a point of drinking a whole lot of water while imbibing the good stuff. That way, you’ll stave off inebriation and dehydration, and will sip your drink mainly for the taste, and not to quench your thirst. Your body and mind will tell you what you should do, though. I’d try to think of other things to do that will take your mind off wiping out your mind. Anyway, Jimbo, have a great vacation. Tipple a couple for me! and for Pammy… :smiley:

Thats a fallacy. Alcohol is a CNS depressant, not a mood depressant. Those are two very different things that most people mistake, even doctors and counselors.

Find a woman who will take you away from your cares. Thats better than drinking. If not, find an oxygen supply and take copious amounts. Paramedics, not fire trucks, have the good stuff. If you are in Mexico, go to the dive shops.

cleops, how the hell are you? Pammy has found some reason to put me on her do-not-call list, I haven’t heard from her in months. Sherry and her hubby have returned to Madison since the retirement plans went to hell in the dotcom stock bust. Email me. /hijack

Making a note for trip: don’t get dehydrated. I kind of like the idea of having a pitcher by poolside, and having a tipple every lap or two. Another note to self: do not drown. Fortunately, I am nearly freakishly bouyant.

Presumably the three alternatives aren’t mutually exclusive, and the incremental benefits might even be geometric in nature . . .

I would assume so.

A good friend of mine was rip-roaring drunk for six days straight during his first spring break after joining his fraternity. We’re talking about waking up and still feeling drunk.

He was in crappy shape when he came home, but was ok after about a day of taking it easy and pushing 3x the fluids that he would normally have needed.

You’re so sexy when you talk dirty.

Let’s rephrase the question:

Can I take a fluid poison in enough quantities continually for a week such that my liver is overworked, my blood is clotted up, and my brain deprived of oxygen for the entire time such that I have the combination of reduced inhibitions and no common sense, along with the reduced reaction time needed to deal with the situations that the reduced inhimbitions and no common sense will get me into?

If you don’t know the answer to that, then drink up my friend and let survival of the fittest thin out the genetically stupid.


“Dude, and when I woke up in a Guatemalan slave labor camp, I found out that they also stole all my money!”

Hey moriah, I resemble that remark! At least I used to, too bad your flawed interpretation of natural selection didn’t catch me before I was able to breed.

To answer the OP, yes it is entirely possible and could be somewhat enjoyable.

Are there risks? Oh hell yes, and not just to your health.


Your “rephrasing” makes it sound as if I’m asking whether I can slug down Liquid Plummr for a week. Or perhaps you somehow misinterpreted my meaning into, “Can I drink enough to severely damage my body in a week?”

Well, no. I’m perfectly aware that I could kill myself in a few hours of constant drinking. Did you note the word “moderate” in the OP? I’m talking about preserving a pleasant buzz, not drinking myself into unconsciousness.

I’m gonna be at a resort. Reduced inhibitions are a benefit. I won’t have a car – there won’t even be cars around for me to walk in front of.

I knew a man who used to to that kind of binging on too many occasions, but he died of cirrhosis of the liver.

Dehydration and sun don’t mix so well, so keep the suntan lotion on so you don’t get red as a lobster. Long term injurious effects may occur if you do something really dumb that you regret in the morning or manage all the grace of someone who has drank all day near some hard and/or sharp things.

I popped a blood vessel in my eye from puking so hard once. That took a long time to heal.

Boyo, I just did this in August, all-inclusive resort in Costa Rica. I drank almost constantly, but I am beginning to suspect with these “free alcohol” deals, you don’t quite get the same potency. I favored drinks of the rum variety for my week, and I noticed not getting as tipsy as I should have, given the amount of alcohol I was taking in. Eventually I began to suspect foul play, and asked the bartender to see the bottle. It was a rum i never heard of, and it was only 60 proof. Hmmm… I still should have felt something for all that drinking, but I mostly didn’t feel a thing. I don’t know what the deal was, but next time I go I’m investing in some everclear.

I tend to agree with those who have suggested that there is the occasional bit of needless paranoia going on here.

My reading of the O.P was that, well, being on a week’s break, and - remember - NOT having now, or previously, any serious alcohol habit - would it be doing much harm were he to allow himself not only a drink at lunch and dinner, and some after that sun has gone done under that famous old yardarm, but also lazy happy drinks in the afternooon if wanted.

Heck it does not even mean that he really intends t; rather a genuine question of “what if?”

I do not think that anyone who planned to drink a whole brewery or distillery every day would have posted in that way.

I remember a university study once that studied the effects of alcohol over long periods of time. They tried to keep the students constantly drunk for I believe 2 weeks. What ended up happening was after about 4-5 days, their bodies adapted, and they didn’t feel drunk, could drive and talk normally, despite being legally drunk.

so if you’re trying to maintain the drunk feel, be careful not to take WAY too much. I wish i had a concrete cite for ya’ll