Can I tell my computer to stop trying to restart and install updates every 5 minutes?

It seems like Microsoft is always downloading updates, which is good. But they want me to stop what I’m doing and restart my computer right freaking now! In fact, it will do it for me if I don’t tell it not to within a set time. And when you do tell it that you don’t want any restarting right now, it ask you again in 5 minutes.
Is there a box to check to tell everyone to chill out and assure the computer I will turn it off at the end of the day?

You can change the group policy.

I did. I spent an hour or so researching this and found a decent set of directions on how to do it. (I lost the link, hence my link above). Even the Microsoft site has directions.

This lasted about a week before I had to go back into the group policy and undo everything I did. My machine kept spiking at 100 percent CPU usage, and I wasn’t doing anything. I figured it was the damn mom server up in Redmond constantly trying to get my machine to update and the response was stealing CPU cycles. When I did allow an update, it was molasses on a winter’s day to download/install. Screw this.

I killed the group policy I implemented and turned off automatic updates completely. If I want to update, I do it manually. My machine is happy now.

Start> Run> type in cmd to bring up a command box.

Type in net stop wuauserv