Can I track down a car from the 1960s?

My now deceased father had a 1966 Mustang when he was in college.

While I was watching one of those car restoration shows on cable I had the thought, “Could I find and restore his car?”

So in general, how easy (or possible?) would it be to track a car from the 1960s/70s to today?

What do you know about it? There is a good chance that it doesn’t exist anymore however. The fact that it is a '66 Mustang ups the odds that it has found good homes throughout the years but most cars get crushed and recycled at some point.

If you know the VIN or cabin get it from your state DMV (unlikely, since either records were not computerized or kept) - you could try Mustang car clubs. Many clubs track cars by VIN.

If the state where your father resided issued license plates to the vehicle, and not to the driver, you might be able to get the VIN through state records.

The founder of Papa Johns did exactly this, a few years ago.

25 years after he sold it, he found hisold Camaro. Now I’m sure that it helped that he offer $250k to get it back and that he could use the search for the car as PR for the pizza chain.

The car you describe was apparently a daily driver and well worn by the time your father sold it. Chances are slim that the buyer poured money into it for restoration. It probably went to the junkyard and got parted out if lucky. What you need is a surrogate. Find something as nearly identical in equipment and paint it the same color. It could still be a family heirloom that you maintain and pass on.