Can I use a wireless router as just a simple "wired" router?

Forgive my total cluelessness.

I find myself needing to supply two devices with wired internet. I had thought my Vonage box was a router than contained more than one “out” ports for ethernet cables, but I now realize it only has one(cheap thing they gave me).

Anyway, I do have a somewhat older, but working wireless router that I don’t use. It has multiple “out” ports for the ethernet cables.

Can I just use it as regular old router?



yep. most I’ve seen allow you to turn the wireless radio off but keep everything else working.

Sure thing. It’s actually two kinds of routers in one box.

I was doing just that until my sister got a Droid X (which uses wifi) for Christmas. The router was on clearance.

It may also be worth checking to see if your wired modem has a USB-out as well, usually you will find on the standard modems supplied by ISPs that there is an ethernet port and a USB port so you can have two machines connected to it.