Wireless AND Wired Routers?

I have been wondering, ever since I got my laptop, if there is a router that has both antenna’s and ethernet ports. I have been using a long CAT5 to hook it up in the room, but I want the versatility of the wireless for my laptop… I don’t want to lose the speed of the actual wire connection on the 2 main pc’s that are already on the network though, so, I was hoping there was something along these lines released. I looked a little on yahoo, but I didn’t really see anything.
Thanks for reading.

You mean like this?

Exactly like that! Thanks for the fast response.

One more question about this issue. My laptop came with a PCMCIA wireless card, made by Xircom. Would this card be compatible with the Linksys router, or would I have to buy a new wireless card just for home use? (I use the Xircom card at school)

I have and love my D-Link system. It ties together our desktop, laptop, DSL connection and printer. The desktop and printer are directly connected to the DI-713-P wireless gateway. A DWL-650 fits into the laptop’s PCMCIA slot and we’re good to go throughout the house. I’m glad I got a gateway with a print server, so if I’m just working on the laptop I don’t have to turn on anything else. The speed is very good but when I want to transfer large files (I typically back up the MyDocs folders of the two machines on the opposite drive) I simply carry the laptop back to the office to plug it directly in to the gateway (I keep a cable in the gateway specifically for that purpose so it is pretty easy).

I just noticed on preview that you already have a wireless card. I think that they all follow a set of standard communication protocols, so you should be able to go from one to another with minimal difficulties. Check out the D-Link site, they have a wealth of information. I received excellent tech-support both before and after the sale. Good luck!