Wireless laptop networking that's not so wireless. Is there a product?

My old laptop recently turned toes up to the dasies. I needed a new one, but money was not flush, so I wound up buying an older laptop on e-bay. I think I got a good deal, I found an IBM think pad A22e, 800mhz Celeron processor, 15GB hard drive, 64K RAM (to which I added 128K, 256 is next) for $240. It will do me just fine for work which is what I needed it for. There is one thing, however…
I have a Netgear router at home. I also have a Netgear wireless PC card which I just stuck in the side of the old laptop to give me wireless on line access anywhere in my home. However, the new laptop does not have that port. It has a plug for the DSL line, which is fine, but that requires me to be within a cords distance of the router itself, physically. Does anyone know if there is a module that I could plug the wireless PC card into which would convert the signal for the laptop ending in a cord that I could plug into the laptop? I looked on the Netgear site but did not see anything. Do they make these things?

This new notebook does not have a PC card slot? :confused:

I think you need to check the chassis more carefully. That unit is supposed to have 2 pccard slots. Possibly you’re looking at a double over/under stacked slot door and thinking it’s too big to be a single Pccard slot. It’s not. Two cards will stack in that slot.

That’s a hell of a good deal you got on that unit BTW!

If my memory serves me correct, the PC card slots on the A22’s should be on the right hand side towards the back (ie: near the monitor). There should be a hinged door which you push open to insert the card.

And yes, that is an absolutely amazing deal for an A22.

We need an embarassed smiley. The door on the left of the 'puter that I though was for the floppy drive turned out to be the PC card slot. :smack: Thank you for making me look more closely, I am using the wireless card as we type. That means that this 'puter doesn’t have a floppy disc drive, which is…weird, considering it doesn’t have a CD/RW either, so I guess one isn’t supposed to export data with this unit (NBD, I got a dozen ways to do that if I need to)

Also, I am pretty happy with the deal I got too, this laptop works well.

A lot of thinkpads have external floppy and/or cd drives - although the drives may not have been supplied with your second-user machine - the drive expansion port looks like a really teeny tiny centronics port - if you have a port like that, you could probably pick up a thinkpad external drive quite easily, although if the machine has USB, it might be better to go that way for forward compatibility with your next machine.