Can I use my laptop as a remote control?

I have a Toshiba Satellite 1805-S274 laptop with an infrared (IrDA) port. I’ve been looking for a way to use it as a remote control for my TV, stereo, etc. but coming up short.

Is there any Windows software that fits the bill? Or is this impossible for some reason?

Googling, I found this site for using a pocket pc as a universal remote control.
Apparently the problem is range; the software for the pocket pc requires a transmitter as well. The few times I transferred date between computers using the IrDA port, I had to have the ports within a few inches of eachother.

My Sony Clie PDA has a remote control program built in, and I used Omniremote for my old Palm m505 PDA. The IR ports had a long range, and that came in great help whenever I couldn’t find the remote for the TV or VCR or was too lazy to look for it.

I’d doubt that a similar program would exist for a PC, but I wouldn’t be surprised. But can you imagine picking up your laptop and aiming it at whatever you’re trying to control? What a big pain in the butt. A PDA is fine for that purpose as it’s hand held, but I wouldn’t want to use a laptop as a remote. Unless you’re into working out your arms. :slight_smile:

you can but as my ir port is in an inconveniant location, I never really use it.

My laptop’s IR port is right on the back, so when it’s on my lap, the port is pointing at all the electronics I want to control. The range might be a problem, though.

I just downloaded the trial version of this and it’s way cool :cool:

Due to the shape and size of my place, I can’t get much farther than about 20 to 25 feet from my devices but at these distances it works great using the PDA’s IR port. I just may plunk down the $30 and buy it so I can get rid of the six remote controls that live on my coffee table.

Oh, I use a Dell Axim X30.