Computer Remote Controls

This is a very mundane question but I’m having trouble finding the answer.
Do any major companies make remote control (TV style) upgrade packages for computers?
The technical problems are insignificant, + I’ve see them on some new machines, so I think that someone has to be making these, but I haven’t seen any upgrades being sold on computer websites. anyone able to point me in the right direction?

Yes, the ATI Remote Wonder and the ATI Remote Wonder II.

Evation IRMan


I’m not a major company, but I built my own.

thanks for the pointer

      • If you look around, you might also be able to find the old Creative one–it was in closeout stores some months ago for like ten bucks. It allowed remote-controlling of the basic functions of most video and audio media players.

Heck, you could always get a cordless keyboard and just carry it around with you.

Hey! Thanks for the USB tip Eleusis. I’ve been looking for USB/PIC type stuff for a bit (specifically this vaporware wireless USB chip, but the local component store doesn’t stock anything like that.)