Looking for some remote control software recs

My sister just got a comp doesn’t have a lot of experience with one.

I’m looking for some free software that I can use to remote to her machine and see what she is seeing so I can walk her through errors, questions etc.

I’ve had a look around and there seems to be lots of options. Just wondering if anyone has been using something specific that they like and works.

You can just use remote assistance, which works fine and is built into Windows. Just get your sister to send you a remote assistance request. I’ve used it to walk my mum through a problem, it includes a chat window and they can see what you are doing.

Never even thought of the out of box solution. Will have a look at that when I get home.

Nice one, thx.

Another vote for remote assistance. I’ve been using this with my business partner for years - works perfectly.

You’re welcome.

You’ll need to get your sister to email you an invitation. She can do this by selecting remote assistance from the start menu. The file it generates contains all the connection details. You’ll need to arrange a time to make the connection, as your sister will need to accept the connection manually, and will need to click something else to allow you to take control of the keyboard and mouse.

The files the remote assistance wizard generate have an expiry time set for security reasons. If you find it doesn’t work, it’s possible her ISP has changed her IP address (this happens from time to time), and the solution is to send a new invite.

Try using GoSupportNowremote support tool. It is easy to use and costs only $19.95 / month.