computer remote assist

I hope someone out there can help me. I have a friend who I want to give access to my computer. We both have windows 7 and I have a Dell Latitude d630 and he does not.
Dell has a site called “easy connect”. It’s not. He set up things from his end but can not connect with my computer.
I need to “invite” him in but we can not figure out how to do this.
I sent an e-mail to dell and received a “machine generated” message giving me a phone number and telling me my warranty had expired. I knew that and this was not a warranty issue anyway.
The phone number connected me with India(of course) and I wound up playing 20 questions with my name, address and so on.
I asked why I had to go through all this to get a simple answer to my question. I have a Dell computer and I thought they would support me.
Well, I ended up telling the person in India to forget it.
Can anybody help me?

LogMeIn and GoToMyPC are both pretty good for easy and free remote access.

If the sharing needs to be done as part of a conversation or meeting, has a free level that works well for these kinds of things.

There are programs like VNC and TeamViewer that let you set up remote control. They can be difficult to configure if you have firewalls at both ends, I’m told. I’ve never used them outside of my home network.

Might be worth checking into, though. is about as easy as it’s possible to get. You don’t even need an account.

Use TeamViewer. No configuration, no accounts, no firewall issues, no installation required.