Can Indians (as in Asia) hold dual nationality?

I only ask, as I was reading a novel recently, and one of the characters said that he had turned down the offer of British citizenship (he worked for teh British Council) because accepting it would mean he had to give up his Indian nationality.

In America there is a difference between haveing a daul citizenship and haveing an active role in supporting a forgen government. If you support a forgin government excpt as an agent of the U.S.,you may lose your U.S. citizenship. But it is usualy given a waver unless it works aganst U.S. instrest.

Glaze: The OP was asking about the citizenship law of India, not the United States of America. The question is: “Does a citizen of India forfeit his or her Indian citizenship when gaining citizenship in another country?”

From [url=]the Indian Embassy:

So; no, the government of India does not recognize as a citizen an individual, who, while a citizen of India, gains citizenship in another country. The rest of the link above explains the OCI scheme (Overseas Citizen of India). Although it’s called citizenship, it’s really not, as is made clear on that page. Essentially, it’s an out-of-country green card.

Fixed link:

the Indian Embassy

Thanks, Monty.

Thank you Monty. I did not know how it worked in India wes only tring to show how it works else ware.