Can John Edward talk back to the dead or is he just a receiver?

Can John Edward talk back to the dead or is he just a receiver?

The reason I ask is, I’m wondering if he can ask my dearly departed father what he did with his Superannuation accounts.

As far as I can tell he only talks to the dearly arrived. That is, the folks in the audience have all the info he has.

The prevailing view is that he is an accomplished showman, expert conman and good amateur psychologist. You’re unlikely to get the answer you’re looking for here. Ask him instead, but don’t give him any money. Trust me on this.

Quite aside from the distinct possibility that (as others have implied) he’s probably ‘cold reading’ the clients and that there is no real conversation with the dead taking place…

…How would it work if he was only a receiver? - how would the dearly departed know that a) there was anyone listening and b) what to say.

Don’t forget, he is :-


The Amazing Randi wrote about him recently. Check the archives on the James Randi Educational Foundation Website

He’s just a crook.

Dont you think it is interesting that virtually EVERY deceased communicates with him by telling him “There is a letter R connection here (or N or L or whatever letter)”…

…pop psyche drivel mixed with charlatainism at its worse. These people are grieving and are desperate for answers…he preys on that.

That’s my Rhonda!!!

How did you know newcrasher? You must be a psychic

I have heard he’s just a tool.

Aren’t you worried that he might get the information about the accounts on the Deceased-o-Fone® in his head, and steal it for his own devious means? You’d then have to get a psychic who does living people to read his mind and copy down the information for you. But in turn, how do you know you could you trust them? What a terrible conundrum…

He’s an ass. The willingness of the general public to buy into what is basically a carny trick is truly frightening to me. Almost as frightening as people who seek out Oprah and Dr. Phil for advice.

As others have said, Edward is a cold-reader and not a real psychic. This is because, IMO, psychics do not really exist.

I think jjimm brings up a good point, if Edward was a real psychic, I’d be afraid of Edward stealing from me.

In the context of his act, it appears to me that he is just a receiver.

Asking the dead questions would add a VERY difficult level of complexity to the act. I suppose someone very skilled at the cold reading might be able to pull it off though.

The one I thought was funny was the Pet Psychic (on Animal Planet)…

People come to her with pets that have behavioural problems, and she supposedly talks to the animals and gets them to tell her exactly what’s wrong. The tricks she uses are smooth, and on the show I saw there were two different ones:

  1. Working with impossibly stupid people so that she looks like she knows things she couldn’t possibly know. A woman’s cat was peeing in shoes and being generally destructive around the house. The psychic’s first question was, ‘Do you have a boyfriend, and if so, how long have you been together?’ Turns out there was a new boyfriend, who had been visiting and sleeping over for as long as the cat had been acting up.

If the owner had bothered to read anything at all about cat behaviour problems, that would have been in the first chapter of any book. I guessed myself that there was a new person in the house even before the psychic asked her.

  1. Acting as a psychiatrist for the owners, working with their minds (that is, the minds of the people who can talk to her) instead of their pets’. She had people with disabled dogs, animals who had had a limb amputated or whose hind legs were paralysed so that they had to use those doggie wheelchairs. Their concern was their dogs’ ability to be happy and recover the best that they could from their injuries, even if the disabilities were permanent. The psychic’s advice was to not baby or coddle the dogs any more than they would an uninjured animal; treat them like normal dogs, and they’ll be back to their old bouncy active selves as much as possible.

Again, many pet owners know that spoiling an animal while it’s sick can make it malinger a little, especially if it isn’t used to getting so much attention when it’s well, although this was a bit less obvious of a problem. I have to say that explaining the problem from the dogs’ point of view (even if it was clever imagination as opposed to telepathy) was a good way to get it across to the owners.

Anyone who knows how animals communicate, and who has spent a lot of time watching their behaviour and body language, will look like a genius if they hang around people who have no observational skills or just less experience with animals in general. A lot of so-called animal telepaths work that way.

One thing im 100% sure of is that he is a reciever alright… He is a reciever of a boatload of money from a bunch of <since we arnt in the pit> umm suckers.

We have been discussing Edward, VanPraagh, and other cold-readers in this thread for quite a while now. If you read it from start to finish(!), you will find out more than you wanted to know about this topic, I’m sure.

Michael Schermer quoted one of Edward’s guests in a recent Scientific American article:

…Which seems to indicate that Edward may be relying on “hot reading,” the use of pre-supplied information, in addition to the more traditional practice of cold reading.

Perhaps the best way to combat this unscrupulous preying upon the bereaved is to turn it back into a parlor trick.

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John Edward, and all ‘psychics’, are con-artists who use hot and cold reading techniques. (see )

If you want to read how it all started, I’d suggest Peter Washington’s book Madame Blavatsky’s Baboon.
And since you did ask that question, I’ll have to assign Carl Sagan’s The Demon-Haunted World to you.

I want a book report by Friday.

Sorry, the Scientific American link is dead now.
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