can magnetics alievate pain?

:confused: Being a biker, it is a common assumption that you will one day have an accident, but you hope and pray that its not too serious for the bike or yourself. I, however, did not pray to the gods that fateful night, and ended up getting t-boned by an arse in a 4x4, who was in a rush to get to the pub! He broke my femur, fib, tib and after ripping my leather boot off, was not satisified and tried to rip my foot off too!!
Two and a half years later my femur has still not repaired, and the good old NHS is at a loss at what to do. In comes this “The Rock” lookalike who is “selling” magnetic pulse therapy to the bones docs. “we need to do trials on this therapy are you interested in being a guinea pig?” i am asked. To be honest after two and a half years on sticks, pain, and 3 stone heavier, i am willing to try anything.

The magnets do alievate a little of the pain I suppose, as I am definately not taking so many pain killers, however, because i have to strap the pad on, the velcro tends to crease and kills my leg muscle and restricts the flow of blood.

I have had the thing strapped to me for nearly 6 weeks now, it is on 24 - 7, except when im in the shower. I can feel that the bone is still broken as i can place a finger down the groove where the bones are, so im not sure that magnets can heal broken bones, which apparently they can do.

I wont diss magnets because I do know that they help with period pains, rhumatic pain etc, however, I can almost guarentee they do not, repeat NOT mend bones. If however, my next xray proves me wrong, I will let you know.

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Not only do they not mend bones, they won’t help one bit with period pains, rheumatic pain or any other ailment you can think of, either. They only thing they do is to decrease the mass of your wallet.

Well to be strictly correct it can help but not for the reasons touted. So can anything, up to and including believing someone is praying for your recovery even when they are not.