Can Martha Stewart do ANYTHING?

I’m sick at home today, and just finished watching Martha Stewart’s special on knitting. It got me thinking… what would I love to see Martha do? Something crazy… something wild…

I personally would love to see her learn to use a machete, blow something up (a la Mythbusters), or make out with Marilyn Manson.

What crazy thing would you love to see Martha do?

Roll her own.

Perhaps my brain is just in a weird place today, but the way you couched your question immediately made me think that Martha should have a showdown with Chuck Norris. I think she would kick his ass. :slight_smile:

Sew a bodysuit made out of human skin.

Sounds like the basis for a marginally popular reality TV series. Call FOX now!

Eat a bug.

I would like to see her laugh. Not a polite, camera-friendly chuckle; I want guffaws so deep and sincere that it can’t possibly be an act.

Demonstrate how she hid her shiv in prison.

Well, not SEE her demonstrate it with my own eyes. But to just know that she did demonstrate it.

Make a meal for 8 out of a 2 ounces of fatback, a stale loaf of Wonder bread and a half-jar of jelly (w/o the peanut butter leavings mixed in).

She has done a cooking skit with Conan O’Brien a few times. I was convinced she genuinely laughed.

Conan also made her eat some Taco Bell and drink from a 40.

She looked like she was enjoying the joke.

I’m sure it’s possible. Everybody laughs at something, right? I’ve just never seen it.

There was an episode of her show where she was making cookies with Cookie Monster. I was laughing. She wasn’t.

Nah, my brain immediately went to that exact same place.

I thought of steel cage grudge match with Rachael Ray.

Make money, apparently.

Queef glitter.

I’ve seen on YouTube. I actually liked the fact that they were both in character the whole time. If she had gotten all soft and giggly over a Muppet it would have wrecked it.

Stewart once appeared on David Letterman’s show to shill for a home repair book she had “written.” When she attempted a demonstration, Letterman mocked her for not even knowing how to hold a hammer correctly. There’s a difference between telling people how to do something and knowing how to do it well yourself.

Yeah, I was a little creeped out. Okay, sure maybe she was “in character,” but it seemed to be she was genuinely pissed at the guy. Did you see her face when he knocked over the cookies in her haste? One day Cookie’s going to wake up with the Pillsbury Doughboy’s head in his bed.

The title gave me the wrong idea about the topic of this thread. I think the OP meant to ask whether Stewart can to everything.

Martha Stewart = Domestic Goddess