Can Menstual Flow Contain Clots?

In the thread at Duck Duck Goose says that it does not. I think it can and often does. Can anyone shed some light on this issue?

And, as part of your response, please thoroughly describe the color, consistancy, texture, size, weight, and aroma of said substances.

I mean, hey, we already know the answer to the question, so let’s have some fun with it.

Gross out your friends! Gag your buddies! Be as revolting as you can be!

Check out:
You will find details in there.

Clots? Um…no. Tissue? Yes. Similar look, completely different substance.

I have some pages that mention clots, I want nice scientifically backed sources to support or deny that clots are passed during menses.

Sorry, lee, I have neither scientific source nor time to research this.

But here’s my $.02 anyway - I have endometriosis with quite heavy periods/bleeding. I pass clots frequently. I have also seen many non-menstrual blood clots in my time. These period clots look identical, like thick, dark jelly - they really don’t look like tissue is involved.

FWIW here’s a direct quote from my gyne, said during that spceial time of my personal lunar phase: “Hold on a minute, there’s a big blood clot in the way … (pause) … okay, got it.”

So good luck in your quest for backing up this clots/no clots, only tissue question. Now I’m really interested in the answer!


May I ask why you wanna know? The reason why I am asking is that you [I assume that you are female] may have a condition which you might want to have checked out by an ob-gyn, PA, midwife, NP.

Normally, the uterus produces an anti-clotting factor because the purpose of your menses is to get rid of the stuff. Clotting would only slow down the process if not create a problem [the reason why I asked the question in the first place]. “Clotting” can be the result of a variety of factors - are you starting the pause for example which generally means a heavier flow and more sloughing off of the uterine lining? Are you under stress? Endometriosis?

General rule of thumb when to get checked out: if clots are larger than a quarter, more frequent, occur outside of your normal menses period, painful.

Hope this helps.

I want to know because DDG said I was wrong and that ticks me off. I have been passing clots bigger than a quarter, sometimes much bigger than a quarter, every month for over two decades. It is normal for me and not a source of concern. It is however a source of concern when my facts and terminology are called into question. Also, If I am incorrect, I want to know.

DDG said it is just tissue, but they are the same size and consistancy, and color of the clots I used to cough out after severe bloody noses.

I apologize if you thought I was implying you are stupid. I was not. So don’t take your anger out on me, please. The point I wanted to get across is that there are a variety of reasons/causes/sources for why there’s menses clots. End of my discussion with you.

Kiffa, I did not mean to take out my anger on you, but I thought I had made it clear in the initial statement that I and DDG disaggreed and that is why the question is being posed.

Whe you said that I may have a condition, it seemed to me that you were suggesting that I was seeking medical advice from the teeming millions which is generally not a smart move.

Eh, this is turning into a question of semantics rather than menstrual periods. I’ve just spent the last half-hour or so working with Jeeves and Google and company, and it appears that the word “clot” is indeed freely used in gynecological circles to mean those big clumps of stuff that come out and don’t soak up in a Kotex. So evidently Lee is at least in the mainstream in referring to them as “clots”.

However, the question in the linked thread was, “Why doesn’t menstrual flow ‘scab over’?” Menstrual flow does not constitute “blood” as such, the same kind of blood that flows through your veins, which would contain white blood cells and what’s called “clotting factor”, which is what makes blood form a classic “clot” and eventually a scab upon exposure to air.

And, BTW, Lee, all the sources I just read agree–you really ought to see a doctor and be checked for endometriosis and fibroids, especially if it’s been doing this for 20 years.

Duck, I also have often experienced abnormally heavy flow complete with dark lumps which I’m sure are clots. Here’s a forum where you’ll find kindred spirits who mention your (and my) sort of problems:

(It’s WebMD’s discuss bleeding with Donna)

I addressed the above post to Duck. I really meant to address it to LEE.

both those conditions are used as excuses to perform hysterectomies on women. If i can live with the symptoms and am not losing enough blood to endanger my health then there is no need to have this checked out further. There is no current treatment for either of those conditions that i find worth the risk.

Right on, lee.

If this isn’t adversely affecting your life, i.e. incapacitating pain, infertility, etc. and you are not anemic, why mess with it?? As a rule these conditions are treated only when the symptoms they cause are unacceptably affecting your life, and this is obviously not the case with you. They are not dangerous (outside of affecting fertility) or life-threatening in and of themselves. And believe me, many times I wonder if the treatments are worse than the disease.

However I do take strong exception to your statement that these conditions are used as “excuses” to do hysterectomies. Some gynes may be a little quick to do them, but women who have been in considerable pain for years, have had problems with adhesions, bowel and bladder obstructions, painful sex, and infertility have damn good reasons to have a hysterectomy. These are not excuses.


My Apologies sulla,

I know these conditions are real and syptoms are bad enough for some to choose surgery or anything else if it will help. Some decide on surgery after looking into all options and knowing the risks and consequences. I probably would too if i were in as much pain as some women experience.

What I meant was that there are gyns out there who pressure any woman with either condition to have surgery. They do not adequately inform their patients. I knew woman scared by her gyn because he wanted to remove her uterus to get at tumors (fibroids). She was scared and thought she had no choice because in her mind tumor meant cancer. Her doctor did nothing to disabuse her of that notion.

Hysterectomies and ooectomies are preformed far too frequently IMHO. Too often doctors do not inform patients of alternatives or reccomend surgery even in cases like mine where the syptoms are not seriously impacting my life.

Just wanted to jump in and mention that, as an impressionable youth, I read about this phenomenon. My reference (“What Happening To My Body?”) indicated that passing these sort of bits was perfectly normal and was the result of the menstrual flow …ahem… “pooling and congealing” esp during the night. (Sorry, that phrase has really stuck with me all these years.)

Also, I have very regular, non-painful periods and have always had some of these “clots.” they are kind of intriguing but maybe that just me and my sick scientific mind… I dont think that in general they indicate any type of problem.

And as a final “clot” anecdote: Douglas Coupland, in his book “Microserfs” has some female characters discussing “those chunky days.” Amusing to the female reader, horrifying for the unsuspecting male :wink:

And if it is just a matter of someone not being able to decide whether they’re tissue (they’re not, normally) or clots… how’s 'bout we just call ‘em big old goobers… as in, "dang, I’ve got some badass cramps this month, must have a lot of them big old goobers pluggin’ me up…"

(How was that, Rysdad?)