Can Mike Huckabee win the GOP nomination and the presidency?

Can former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee ® win the GOP presidential nomination as a underdog and take it all the way to the presidency? He has Evangelical Christian appeal, he’s a Southerner with classic roots, blue collar appeal. Can he defeat Trump, Cruz, and Carson in the evangelical and Southern states? Can he appeal to Hispanics, African Americans, millennials, women, etc?

There is already a thread on Huckabee. Here.

He is too extreme, there is no way he can carry the general election even if he is the Republican nominee. I personally think Hillary is beatable, but not by Huckabee.

The question now is about when the top three candidates can clear the field of the utterly insane no-hopes so they can focus on holding a real primary, not which of the middle-tier bench-warmers can pull off a miracle and get into the game.

Huckabee is too much of a politician for crazy town and too crazy for politician town, so the only solution is to [del]chain him in the attic and feed him buckets of fish heads[/del] wait for him to bow out of the primary on his own and go back to semi-obscurity off in that part of America I never visit. That’s good. That works. He gets to think modern marriage licenses are death cookies, I get to postpone taking blood pressure medicine for a few more decades. Everyone’s happy.

He isn’t Trump. He isn’t Carson. He’s got some tiny chance if everyone in the top three takes a huge tumble or gets indicted or falls ass-backwards into an indictment, like you like to hypothesize. However, you asked straight-up “Yes” or “No” and the reasonable answer to that is “No”.

He’s no different than any terrorist leader. Call him al-Huckabee like I do. He’s a bigot, racist, supports “family values”'like the Duggar family has and wants to force his brand of religion on me and my country. He shouldn’t even be allowed to vote.

Shoulda made it a public poll, OP. I’d love to see if you voted in it.

Whoops, my bad. What’s your opinion, GloryDays?

Huckabee and Santorum are yesterday’s news. Carson and Cruz have taken the niche they occupied in 2008 and 2012, respectively, and made it their own. Neither Huckabee nor Santorum is going anywhere this year.

That alone dooms any presidential hopes. This is not your grandfather’s America, thank Og, “Bob” and Allah!

I voted yes. It’s possible he can win. Some people are upset that social changes are being made to our society. Some people want to know why Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is repealed. Some people want to know why homosexuals are in the military. I don’t have a problem with it, but some of my friends do. My former professor does. They think that homosexuals have no business in our military, that they will hurt the morale of the military. Huckabee appeals to an disgruntled group of Americans. I’m undecided in this election, but right now, Huckabee is a long shot.

Some people are flaming idiots.

Every candidate of any party appeals to some disgruntled group of Americans or another.

Some people remember when everything was great and you could hop on a trolley car for a nickel.

Yes, I know. However, some people have serious issues about the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Some people want honor and tradition, not different waves entering the military. People like some of my friends want that. They want honor back.

So tell them the truth: There is nothing to get “back.” The United States Armed Forces have just as much honor now as ever they had – and no more gays in them now than ever they had in the days when they had to hide their sexuality in the foot-locker.

Why don’t you let your friends make their own argument? If it bothers them that much, they’re welcome to join up and state their opinions. They don’t need you to do it for them.

I don’t see a lot of your opinions in your posts. You frequently refer to “your friends” or “some people”. If you don’t have opinions of your own, why are you here?

I have a lot of opinions, Frank. I’m here because this is one of the greatest forums in the world. Opinions and conversations are excellent.

Aw, shucks.

Honor is not the same as tradition. There is plenty of honor regardless whether some bigots are offended by changes in society. And, as noted above, you can find “some people” to support any cause or any candidate. In order to get elected president, one must persuade a majority of voters in sufficient states having sufficient votes in the Electoral College to vote for one. The Religious Right has a limited ability to influence the Republican primaries to have a say in who the GOP will nominate, but they have nothing close to the votes to actually elect a president.

Huckabee is not a long shot; he is a footnote indicating that there is a certain number of voters who share his beliefs, but that number is still a minority that cannot force their choice on the country.

He’s stating his opinions behind the cover of “his friends”. I have to think you already know that.

Maybe I do; maybe I don’t. :wink: