Can Mike Huckabee win the GOP nomination and the presidency?

My friends opinions are not mine. It’s what they tell me. They’re in pain. They’re watching a “slide” in society as they tell me. They’re not happy. I have a different opinion to what my friends believe.

My understanding is he ain’t doing so well with Republican women. That whole “Women should be seen not heard” vibe he’s got going on isn’t setting well with them.

Oh, that one’s easy. Homosexuals have always served in the military. There are homosexuals in every walk of life that you can think of. In previous times, society made homosexuals pretend that they were straight, but gay people have always existed. Gay people have served in the military for years, with honor and bravery.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was repealed because society, on the whole, has realized that it’s stupid to go on pretending that gay people don’t exist.

While I’m sure that there are some stupid people - including Mike Huckabee - who would prefer that gay people go back to pretending they don’t exist, it’s better for all of us to do the rational thing and face facts.

As for the OP - no, Huckabee will not be president. He’s unlikely to win the nomination, either.

I’m guessing your friends are what Michael Kimmel calls Angry White Men (excerpt here) – and, as Kimmel writes, they are “sending their mail to the wrong address.” They have legitimate grievances – deindustrialization, offshoring, outsourcing, agribiz, walmartization, declining opportunities for the working class and small-bizmen – but, whoever is to blame for their troubles, it is not the parties they blame for their troubles, not Yankees or liberals or feminists or gays or women or minorities or intellectuals.

Some people think we should hang blacks from trees, that doesn’t mean a KKK grand wizard can be elected president.

Because it’s a text-based board; participation is limited to people who can read.

Huckabee isn’t running for president. He’s just whoring himself out for publicity so he can get talk shows, book sales, and speaking gigs. Perhaps some more sham endorsement deals as well.

I don’t think that they’re nasty bigots, they just want people to know their place and not step into boundaries that should not be there for them.

To me it seems very strange that the sexual orientation of people serving in the armed forces would even come up on the radar of “things that matter to me in a presidential election”. You have the economy, several wars, climate change, pollution, unemployment, aging infrastructure, income inequalities, racial tensions… seems like there’s a whole lot of significant issues to chose from, and to pick this Huckabee character just because he doesn’t want gays to be able to say that they are gay if they work in the military seems very, very weird.

That’s pretty much the definition of bigotry.

It’s hard to find recent data, since it looks like the topic is so non-controversial that people stopped polling on it, but way back in 2003, Gallup found that 79% of Americans supported gays serving in the military. I don’t think you can win the presidency going after the remaining 21%, or what’s left of it.

when folks were sayin we’re gonna march for our freedoms somebody said you can’t do that and they said YES WE CAN!

when they told reagan we can’t beat the soviet union he told them YES WE CAN!

YES WE CAN…make mike huckabee president!

YES WE CAN…take our country back!

YES WE CAN…restore our constitutional liberties!


From . . . ?

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

:smack: No, that was the Jews! You know, the guys who kept shouting “Torah! Torah! Torah!”

Huckabee might have had some appeal as the flip side of Bill Clinton, but Bill hasn’t been President for 15 years and Huckabee’s time has come and gone.

You realize that “know their place” was an anti Civil Rights term back in the 60’s, right?

In another post, you asked people to donate to Ted Cruz. Who do you support?

Gosh, where have I heard that before?

all the candidates except hillary and pataki!

That would make them nasty bigots.

If you can hear your friends say that and conclude that they’re not bigots, you really need to broaden your circle of friends.