Can Mike Huckabee win the GOP nomination and the presidency?

Well, if you really believe that, why don’t you vote in the poll at the top of the thread?

They want African Americans and Latinos to respect the Armed Forces and respect America’s values. They are not racist, that’s what they told me.

Holy shit. First they were bothered by the gays, now your friends are bothered by African Americans and Latinos. Luckily, they have many options in the Republican field. Huckabee is only one of many goofballs.

On reflection, this has got to be a joke thread I’m not getting. "They’re not bigots…they are not racists…they are just bigoted and racist.

What an interesting turn of phrase, the implications, the insinuations. Its not the people who are changing, but that they are being molded by a powerful outside force into forms and habits that are repulsive to them.

So, all that polling, all those studies, that purport to show that America is becoming more tolerant, more accepting, more (gasp!) “liberal”…all a bunch of lies? Do you fantasize about a “silent majority”, a hidden truth that your views are in line with most Americans, or would that be most “real” Americans?

And this “honor” that you want back, where did we leave it? Did we leave in the Philippines, when we back-stabbed our rebel allies and installed ourselves in place of the Spanish? When we formed our Central and South American policies to support some of the bloodiest tyrants since Pizzaro? Viet Nam? Iraq? What honor is there in sending men to kill for a lie? Our honor is besmirched because some of them were gay? How does a man honor his country by assisting in a dishonorable cause?

You can’t have back what never was to begin with. But you can build something in place. And we are. And we will. And you aren’t, and you won’t. Because you are losing.

Current poll results.

No - 35. Yes - Glory Days

I guess we now know what the Glory Days were; the time of straight white Christian male supremacy.

News flash. Those days are over. They will never come back. People who still support them are bigots. The OP’s “friends” are a shrinking minority who are screaming louder in their impotency. They are allowed to scream but it is the duty of everyone else to ensure that they are never given back that power to oppress.

If they’re not racist, what makes them think AAs and Latinos don’t respect those things?

Well then, I want to talk to you about a guy, goes by the name of “Bernie Sanders”. :smiley:

You must be one of Glorydays “friends.”

OK, even setting aside the question of whether Huckabee should win the Presidency, let’s take a look at reality. The current polling averages put Huckabee at seventh place, with only 3.3% of the vote. Eighth place, if you count “no response”, who got nearly twice his total. He’s 24.2% behind the front runner. And that’s just among Republicans!

Numbers have meaning. Learn to math.


Yup, BasqueBromance has been cheerleading him, too. I’m not sure how that makes any sense either, but there you go.

I did not choose Glory Days as a username because of supremacy. I chose Glory Days because we will one day have a day of glory and opportunity. My friends believe that African Americans are un-patriotic, anti-military, and they don’t appreciate the U.S. They want to know why they join the military, if they do it for a leg up in life or if they believe in America.

So, none of your friends are, themselves, black?

Hmmm, I’m enjoying some pretty glorious days right now. But, I’m white, so that makes sense I guess.

You need some new friends. Tell us more why they also hate Latinos in the military. I remember some Army General, joint chief, secretary of state, what was his name? Grew up in Harlem. I think he joined the military for a “leg up in life” *AND *because he believed in America (whatever that means).

I have friends of all races, c’mon. These two friends of mine are very suspicious of minorites right now.

Guess what. There’s a higher percentage of blacks in the armed forces than in the general population.

What group sends the lowest share of its population to fight for us? Whites.

How are we going to get those white folks to respect the armed forces and America’s values???

Your friends are bigots. Bigots are anti-American. Bigots don’t appreciate the U.S.

Get better friends.

The fact that anyone thinks a religious bigot has a chance of a party nomination is beyond laughable. al-Huckabee’s mouth is one of my favorite things in this race, though, because whenever he speaks, he makes religion and christian family values look as stupid as they are. For every other word he says, at least one agnostic is born. Clearly GD’s “friends” want the kind of world this so-called candidate preaches.

And you know what we call people who have bigoted ideas? Bigots. We call those people bigots - not because we’re “PC” or liberal meanies. People who do bigoted things are called Bigots because it accurate.

Well, shit, I know a triple threat, a guy who’s a gay black Latino. Nothing much suspicious about him except he’s a really good dancer. I don’t trust guys like that, myself.

No kidding. They always want to lead.