Can mold really grow in your nose?

…when you’re still alive?

While in the cold and flu aisle of the drug store last month I saw a nose spray that claimed to “be effective at elminating nasal mold”! Is this something we really have to worry about? :eek:

I saw a presentation once from a doctor who specialized in AIDS treatment, complete with rather graphic slides of fungi growing in AIDS patients’ nasal passages. I don’t know how common a problem it is among nonimmunocompromised people though. But I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. I don’t think it’s very common.

I had a fungus infection in my lung that was devastating.

My illness hung on for years.

When my dad was going through chemo-therapy (on the way to his deathbed) he had a fungal infection in his mouth. The compromised immune system (due to the chemo and cancer) allowed it to happen.

I think they call it thrush and that babies can be susceptible to it.

Some asthma drugs can thin the mouth tissues and allow thrush to happen in the mouth. Simply rinsing the mouth with water after use of the drug can prevent these side effects.

Is thrush considered a mold, though? (I thought it was a type of yeast infection). The package didn’t mention thrush, just mold.

Mold vs. yeast for thrush? I don’t have an answer for that.

Yeast and mold are both members of the fungus family. Or genus. Or something. They’re all subsets of fungi.

There’s also rhinocerebral mucormycosis, but somehow I doubt that’s what the nose spray was intended to treat.

I’ve got me some of that Sino-Fresh right here, just in case I feel the ol’ nasal mold coming on.

At the very least, it’s minty.